Guys, $9 Mimosa Bottles Are Here To Make Your Brunch Dreams Come True


I’m just going to call it like I see it: Mimosas are the official drink of brunch. Aldi is cashing in on the trend with the release of its premixed mimosas for less than $9 a pop. The one-part champagne, one-part citrus juice drink is the staple beverage of choice for diners munching on the late morning meal. Instead of heading out for your weekend brunch session, I’ve got a better idea. Switch it up a bit and host a group of friends at your place this weekend. Pour them a glass from Aldi’s $9 bottled mimosa, and make everyone’s brunch dreams come true.

The discount supermarket chain is selling the boozy orange juice-based beverage in 750-milliliter bottles for the very affordable price of $8.99 a piece, according to Aldi. That’s the size (and roughly the cost) of your average bottle of wine. Think about how much you pay for a mimosa when you meet your friends for brunch. Just a guess, but you probably are spending more than $9 on mimosas when the tab hits the table.

There is a difference between your standard brunch mimosa and this ready-made version from Aldi. The citrusy drink is a mix of freshly-squeezed orange juice and premium dry white wine. Since there's no champagne, it lacks those tiny bubbles you are used to. Don’t let those facts deter you, though. Think of it as more of a head’s up to your taste buds — because regardless of bubbles, this bottle is basically instant mimosa that won’t let you down.


TBH, Aldi's mimosa looks like a straight up bottle of sunshine. It's cloaked in a bright yellow film with a ruby red orange wrapped around the base of the bottle. The packaging is no doubt going to brighten your dining table, because nothing says brunch quite like a mimosa does.

If you’ve decided to invite your friends over for Sunday brunch, but aren’t sure what to put on the menu, Aldi’s mimosa tastefully (and appropriately) lends itself to both breakfast and lunch. Aldi suggests pairing its mimosas with California rolls, white cheddar and Gruyère grilled cheese, and gorgonzola. Pretty fancy spread of food, eh? If sushi and cheese aren't your thing, not to worry, because the chilled cocktail still goes well with all of your favorite breakfast items like pancakes, waffles, and more. Another perk: If you’ve been invited over for the beloved weekend meal, you’ll only need to bring one bottle of Aldi’s pre-made mimosas versus a bottle of champagne and orange juice. You can thank Aldi later for lightening your load.

This does not appear to be the inaugural launch of Aldi's $9 mimosa bottle by any means. Social media users have previously tweeted about the beverage, so I have to imagine that this brightly-colored citrus drink must live up to the hype if Aldi is bringing it back for another round.

Based on previous tweets, it seems that the bottled mimosa beverage is only available for a limited time, but I can't say for sure. The only piece of advice I can offer is to head to your nearby Aldi store on the way home from work and stock your fridge with this weekend-ready drink, because it won't disappoint. This budget-friendly refreshment seems to be here for summer, and with a price point of $9, how could you refuse?

Remember, if you’ve had one too many, don’t be ashamed to crash on your friend’s couch for a bit, or use a ride sharing service to get home safely. You wouldn’t want to spoil your next brunch outing. Cheers!