The World Famous Seashell House on Airbnb features an outdoor pool and unique architectural design.
Airbnb's Top Rentals Of The Last Decade Belong On Your Bucket List

Over the past decade or so, packing a suitcase and traveling around the world has seemingly become more popular than ever. People have been going on epic excursions "for the 'Gram," and finding adorable hotels to take pictures in from coast to coast. The rise of bloggers, vloggers, and travel influencers has made it nearly impossible to scroll through social media and not see a bucket list-worthy destination. Amongst all the travel hype, Airbnb's top rentals from 2011 to 2019 have sparked so much joy for travelers, wanderers, and dreamers alike.

They may have even inspired a lot of people to get out of their comfort zone and start checking things off their always-growing bucket lists. How do you see a picture of a dreamy home on the beaches of Brazil and not book a plane ticket ASAP? How do you find the most romantic and tucked away villa in Tuscany and think, "I don't need to go to Italy right now?"

For many of us, finding accommodations is undeniably the worst part of planning any trip. In that moment, coming across one of these stunning Airbnbs — which were the most wish-listed homes between Dec. 2011 and Dec. 2019 — is a true blessing. Without further ado, here are Airbnb's top rentals from 2011 to 2019.

2011: This Stunning Villa That's Made For A Romantic Trip

The first of these Airbnbs is a stunning villa that's pretty close to Florence, Italy. It was all the hype in 2011, and is totally made for your next trip to this beautiful country with your SO. Spend an afternoon soaking in the pool, or walking around the garden and dreaming about your lives together.

2012: This Dreamy House That's Secluded And Serene

Sometimes, you travel just to take a break from the "real world." You book a dreamy Airbnb like this house in the desert, and get away from the stress of work, school, and the city you call home. If you really want to take a serene trip soon, consider this home that was wish-listed a lot in 2012. You'll love waking up to the peace and quiet in California.

2013: This Unique Home That's Instagram And Island #Goals

There's nothing quite as Instagram-worthy as a house with a unique sense of design. In 2012, travelers knew that and would wish-list "The World Famous Seashell House" in Isla Mujeres, Mexico on the reg. Now, you can still book this home to live the island life and feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

2014: This Adorable Cottage That's Close To The Beach

If you haven't had this adorable cottage on Mayne Island on your radar yet, what are you waiting for? With a whimsical exterior and a cozy interior, it'll turn every trip into a magical excursion. Not to mention, the beach is a short walk from the earth home. What more could you ask for?

2015: This Unreal Treehouse That's A True Paradise

Bali has likely been on your bucket list for a couple years now. It's been a hotspot for travelers who are looking to immerse themselves in jungle air and fresh cuisine. This unreal treehouse in Balian Beach, Bali will take your experience to the next level. It was wish-listed the most in 2015, and remains the definition of paradise.

2016: This Chic Apartment That's All About The Views

Is spending a week in Cape Town on your bucket list? Look no further than this chic apartment and its extensive list of views. Located near Camp's Bay Beach, you can spend the night here and wake up to Table Mountain and the glistening waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, please.

2017: This Modern Apartment That's Super Affordable

When it comes to planning a trip, two things are likely on your mind: accommodations and your budget. It's always ideal when you come across a place like this modern apartment in Phuket, Thailand that will treat you to a comfortable stay and a solid price point. For only about $52 per night, you can snuggle up in bed here and wake up ready to check things off your bucket list.

2018: This Glowing Cave Home That's Ready For A Sunset

Watching sunsets at home might be your jam. That's all well and good, but have you seen how this house in Santorini glows at the end of golden hour? It's something you really need to get on a plane for and experience yourself. Take a dip in the pool while you do it, OK?

2019: This Incredible Home That Has A Private Beach

Last but not least, this incredible home in Brazil will take your breath away. Nestled into the rocks of the beach, it's the spot to go for relaxing vibes. You'll want to spend enough time here to enjoy all the amenities like the deck and private beach.