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Airbnb's 2020 Travel Trends Are Here & You'll Want To Take Time Off ASAP


Whether you travel all the time or not as often as you'd like, being on top of the latest trends in globe-trotting is essential. You might be thinking, "Why? I have a bucket list. What more do I really need?" That's all well and good, but dialing into Airbnb's 2020 travel trends is possibly the best way to have the top experiences around the world.

These trends will help you narrow down the different options you have for accommodations, excursions, and flights, and decide what kind of trip you should take with your besties or significant other. If you're sitting down with your laptop and have a bunch of guidebooks in your lap, they'll help you create an itinerary that's jam-packed with the stunning sights in an area and the most delicious meals.

Before you pack up your suitcase and get going, you won't have to wonder if you're heading into an epic adventure. The answer will be simple: Yes. Of course, if you already have some trips planned for this year that don't fit into these trends, that's OK. Just take some more time off so you can experience the trips and experiences that Airbnb revealed are so trendy for 2020.


First up is a trend you may or may not be surprised by — micro-cations and tiny homes. Travelers around the globe are obsessed with living in small, cozy quarters that have been designed for Instagram-worthy pictures and a minimalistic vacation. Checking into a home with a lofted bed, secret compartments, and seating areas tucked in everywhere will be in your best interest in 2020, and likely a great way to travel for cheap, too.

According to press materials from Airbnb, 52% of Americans are opting for short but sweet weekend vacays, and 30% are looking to take outdoorsy, adventurous trips that connect them with nature and the natural wonders of the world. This may lead you and your besties to book an igloo, treehouse, or another kind of unique home on Airbnb for your next trip. It may also inspire your crew to ditch the busy subway stations in your city and ultimately live more like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. The motto of this kind of trip? Get off the grid.

Together, you could go hiking in the mountains or ride on the backs of camels through the endless desert. The opportunities are there if you choose to grab your passport and seek them out.

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In addition to those trends, experiences with vegan and vegetarian food options are really peaking in 2020. As travelers want to be more planet-friendly and conscious with their consumption, experiences with vegan options are growing 579% in supply. If you're looking for delicious and "clean" meals while on-the-go this year, you are in luck and will adore the large amount of eateries you can dine in, as well as cooking classes or food-related excursions you can attend.

To do so, simply take some much-needed time off from the "real world" and trot the globe. Travel in itself will likely always be a trend, but these particular experiences are really peaking right now, according to Airbnb.