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11 Spring Break Trips To Take With Your SO When You're Out Of College

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Spring break isn't just for college students. It can be for the hardworking people in the "real world," too, who simply need a break and some quality time with the ones they love. If you're finding yourself in this boat right now, cash in some PTO time and plan one of these spring break trips to take with your partner.

When you're sitting on a stunning beach on the other side of the world, or eating fresh pineapple in a pool with your partner, you won't second guess your decision to ditch your endless meetings and coffee runs. As a matter of fact, you probably won't even think about what's going on back in your city, because you'll be totally immersed in luxe sunset dinners and quality ocean views. The only thing on your mind will be what major bucket list item you're going to check off tomorrow with bae by your side.

You wouldn't dream of going on a little getaway without them. They're your favorite travel buddy, whether you're heading on an international vacay or a spontaneous spring break trip. Here are the 11 trips you should plan with your partner right now — even though you're out of college.

A Tropical Week In Tahiti, French Polynesia
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Being in the "real world" means you and your partner might have the funds to go on a trip to Tahiti. This paradise in French Polynesia is what vacation dreams are made of. You'll want to cancel your plane ticket home and stay amongst the palm trees, sandy beaches, and cozy villas that are situated over the waves.

An Adventurous Vacation In Denmark, Australia

If you and bae don't mind snuggling up on a plane for a while, then Denmark, Australia is the spring break destination for you. Located in Western Australia, this spot has all kinds of beaches you can relax on during the afternoon, as well as a bunch of wineries to tour. What more could you ask for from a #vacay?

A Cool Escape To Niseko, Japan

Some couples are big fans of the snow and everything winter has to offer. They love tracking down new and exciting spots for skiing and snowboarding, like Niseko, Japan. Are you that type of couple? If so, waste no time packing bulky sweaters and heading to this ski resort. The fresh powder and winding trails are waiting for you.

A Relaxing Retreat To Malibu, California

Rest and relaxation is even more important when you're in the "real world." It can be so easy to get caught up in your schedule and skip out on self-care or chill moments with bae. Enter, Malibu, California. It's home to Zuma Beach, and plenty of places to hang and enjoy a delicious smoothie.

An Instagram-Worthy Vacay In Barcelona, Spain

In college, you might have spent a semester abroad exploring the beautiful cities in Europe. Did you make it to Barcelona, Spain? If not, you should plan a trip to this city for spring break with your partner. You two will adore the markets, shopping districts, and going out for tapas together.

A Romantic Trip To Turks And Caicos

When you think of spring break, a dreamy trip to somewhere in the Caribbean probably comes to mind. In college, you may have splurged on a few nights in Punta Cana, and now it's time to take off on a romantic trip to Turks and Caicos. It'll be so sweet that you'll feel like you're in a movie or an episode of The Bachelor — minus the camera crew, of course.

A Magical Stay In Orlando, Florida

Odds are, you and your partner spend a lot of your spare time watching Disney movies and shows. You powered through The Mandalorian this winter, and can quote every single line to the latest Star Wars movie. It's only right that you catch a flight to Orlando, Florida and visit the happiest and most magical place on Earth: Disney World.

A Sweet Getaway To Lake Garda, Italy

Nothing beats the beauty of Northern Italy. With its towering mountains and picturesque lakes, this part of the world is seriously surreal. Venture to Lake Garda, in particular, to have the best slice of pizza you'll ever have and a sweet getaway with the one you love. A quality camera to take pics? Required.

A Luxe Holiday In Los Angeles, California
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Whether you're based on the East Coast, the West Coast, or a city in between, you should check out Los Angeles, California for a fun spring break with bae. This city is loaded with things to do, such as: touring the colorful murals on Melrose Avenue, watching a sunset at Griffith Observatory, and going to a game at Dodger Stadium. Not to mention, it has so many trendy and chic places to stay at.

A Chill Excursion To The Bahamas

Don't sleep on the beauty of the Bahamas when it comes to planning a spring break trip with your partner. There's a reason why it constantly attracts travelers and tourists. Spend a week near the ocean snorkeling, biking, and taking romantic walks.

A Beautiful Break In Bali, Indonesia

Taking a rejuvenating escape to Bali, Indonesia with bae is such a good idea — especially if you're out of college and have extra time to explore the beautiful jungles and beaches. Every experience you have here will refresh your soul and give you a thousand reasons to come back. Want to take another spring break trip? Always.

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