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Airbnb's Online Thanksgiving Experiences Will Fill Your Season With Festive Fun

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Typical holidays are jam-packed with excitement over your besties coming back to town and your fridge being filled with tasty dishes. But this year, quarantine is changing some things up a bit. Instead of hopping to happy hours and potlucks with your crew, you're staying safe at home, kicking back with your roomies on the couch, and texting your family members, "Happy Thanksgiving!" Virtual entertainment is a great way to fill up your time in a very festive way, and Airbnb's Thanksgiving 2020 Online Experiences are here to sweeten up your holiday time at home.

You'll be thankful that you did, especially while you're waiting for the turkey to roast in the oven. These experiences are here to give you tips on tasty side dishes or cocktails you can prepare to go along with your homemade meal. A Northern Lights experience can also satisfy your wanderlust and have you planning a future trip when it's safe to travel again.

These online experiences are led by experts across the globe. They're held over Zoom, and may even let you socialize with other guests who have a similar Thanksgiving itinerary. Some last a few hours, while others are a short and sweet experience that'll liven up your holiday.

No matter which one you choose to participate in, you'll likely feel so thankful that you booked it and chose to have a new experience while in quarantine.

Learn About The Northern Lights And How To See Them IRL

One of the experiences you may want to have once quarantine is lifted and it's safe to travel again is seeing the Northern Lights. So, why not get the inside scoop on how to do so before your epic adventure?

This online experience hosted by tour guides in Trosmo, Norway, will give you the 411. It covers everything from what the Northern Lights are, to when and where to go to actually see them in real life. "How to Catch the Northern Lights" costs $8 per guest, so it's a super affordable, hour-long activity to add to your Thanksgiving season.

Bake Vegan Treats With A Fall Twist

You can't miss this vegan baking class with host Eva, who teaches the class from Slovenia. During this delicious experience, you'll learn how to make two vegan desserts with a festive, fall twist. The recipes that Eva is teaching in November include apple cider donuts, and granola with nuts and coconut chips.

After hitting "book" on your date and time, at a rate of $31 per person, you'll be sent the recipes so you know what tools and ingredients you'll need. You'll also be sent a Zoom link to use at the date and time. Each class lasts two hours, and if you'd like to book it with family members, you can book a private group session starting at $122 and for up to 10 guests.

Brew Festive Cocktails While Learning A Few Bartender Tricks

Mastering cocktails like a bartender sounds like a pretty good way to spend your Thanksgiving season. If you agree, then sign up for this class where you'll make up an apple cider gimlet and pumpkin spice old fashioned at home. You'll also learn some of the best bartender tricks from host Simeon, with focus on ice, dilution, citrus, bitters, and tool etiquette.

Sign up by picking a date and time on Airbnb for this $25 per person experience. A private group is also welcome, and starts at a rate of $239 per group, for the hour and a half time slot.

Make Your Own Chocolate Bars And Enjoy Views Of Jamaica

Add homemade chocolate bars and beautiful views of Jamaica to your Thanksgiving menu by booking "Chocolate Origins & Create with a Maker" on Airbnb. Hosted by Nick, who lives in Kingston, Jamaica, this class covers how cacao has been used over time, lets you make an tasty inclusion chocolate bar, and offers ample time for socializing.

Nick will tell you his personal story of how he went from being a BBC correspondent to a chocolate maker. Then, he'll take you on a tour of a cacao estate and farm. Book this experience at a rate of $15 per person, and expect it to last an hour.

Put Together Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

Live from San Francisco, host Kenji will teach you how to put together Japanese soufflé pancakes in a 90-minute-long class. He notes in the class description that this can be a fine art to tackle, so he'll coach you through making the pancakes one at a time. By the end, you'll have two pancakes to enjoy and much more knowledge on how to take your brunch to the next level.

To participate in the class, head to Airbnb and sign up for the time slot of your choosing. Each slot costs $15 per person, and you should book an additional spot for any guests who will be potentially sharing your device with you.

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