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Airbnb's Online Experiences With Bumble Are Here To Upgrade Your Virtual First Date

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"Dating in a time of quarantine" sounds like it could be the title of some modern love story, but it's actually your life right now. With some states' stay-at-home orders extending through the summer due to COVID-19, you might be on the lookout for creative ways to virtually mingle with your dating app matches. Look no further, because Airbnb's Online Experiences with Bumble give you fresh ideas for your virtual first date. From cooking lessons to cocktails, your go-to first date ideas are still possible during COVID-19. All you need to do is mix, mingle, and book it.

According to Airbnb's official press release, over 100,000 singles across the globe on Bumble said they're quarantining in their profiles, but that hasn't stopped them from looking for love. Thanks to modern technology, it's easier than ever to meet your matches from afar. Airbnb launched Online Experiences, which is a collection of virtual events you can book on their site, back in Apr. 2020. Now, teaming up with Bumble, Airbnb has put together a collection of virtual experiences that are perfect for a first date.

If you're based in the U.S., you can even potentially win a free virtual date on Airbnb Experiences, thanks to a competition that Bumble launched now through May 28, 2020. To enter, find the "Virtual Dating Badge" within your Bumble app. This new section of the app helps people connect with other likeminded users who are looking to date virtually. Who knew your first date could consist of drinking with drag queens in Portugal, meeting sheep in New Zealand, and getting a Turkish coffee reading, all while potentially finding your soulmate.

Enjoy A Live Show Of Sangria And Drag Queens From Portugal

Cocktails, drag queens, and live performances — oh my! This "Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens" experience from Airbnb is for anyone who's looking for a super fun, entertaining first date. Not only will you get a lesson on how to make the perfect Portuguese sangria, but you'll also see drag queen performances in fabulous costumes.

Get Turkish Fortune Coffee Readings

Instead of meeting up at your favorite coffee shop, you and your match can enjoy your favorite brew at home and receive a Turkish coffee reading. This experience takes place over Zoom, and you'll receive a communal reading from your host. Your coffee grinds are sure to espresso everything you need to know about the future.

"Fall In Laugh" With Laughter Therapy From Portugal

If you're looking for someone who knows how to laugh and have a good time, you might want to sign up for a laughter therapy class from Portugal. Your host will lead you through a mindful breathing exercise that will transition into your group laughing. It's the perfect combination of meditation and laughter that's sure to get you and your match smiling.

Sip And Savor During A Wine Class From Portugal

Try a virtual wine tasting for your first date with a wine class in Portugal. As your expert teaches you about the differences between red and white wines and how to buy the best one for you, you can enjoy a little vino and cheese at home. It's a grape pairing that can potentially transition into you and your match having wine night dates moving forward.

Get A Tarot Reading

See if love is in the cards for you and your match with a virtual tarot reading. You'll start your tarot date with a little history lesson, followed by the reading. This can be a fun way to get an idea of where your potential relationship is heading.

Get A Family Recipe Pasta Lesson From Italy

If your go-to first date is dinner and drinks at your favorite restaurant, you'll tortellini love this pasta lesson, straight from Italy. In the class, the hosts will share their family recipe for pasta from scratch. You'll receive a list of ingredients you need, along with some recipes to try at home, so you and your date can enjoy a nice meal together.

Meet Sheep On A Farm In New Zealand

For a super adorable first date, you and your match can meet some woolly sheep on a farm in New Zealand. It'll be like you took a trip together without ever leaving your couch. In this un-baa-lievable experience, you'll get to meet a bunch of cute sheep and get the lowdown of what farm life is like for them.

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