A happy mother and daughter bake together in the kitchen.
Airbnb's Online Experiences For Mother's Day Are Too Sweet To Pass Up On


With Mother's Day coming up, this is your chance to shower Mom (or the mother figure in your life) with extra love. Perhaps you have a tradition of making her breakfast in bed and giving her a sweet gift you made from scratch. You'd like to keep those traditions going strong no matter what, and Airbnb's online experiences for Mother's Day are here to make that happen.

Your family may experiencing a unique Mother's Day this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're long-distance from your mom, or even if you live together, a virtual experience can be a great way for you two to feel connected. While you're staying at home, these online Airbnb experiences will give you a chance to make some great memories, and the farthest you'll have to travel for any of them is to your kitchen.

The wide variety of experiences offered on either the day before Mother's day or on the big day let you keep those traditions you love going. If you're used to eating pancakes with your mom, learn how to flip the perfect pancake with a lesson from a chef in San Fransisco. Or, learn how to make cheese while virtually hanging out with goats. Whatever you choose, you're sure to make memories with your favorite person on this incredibly special day.

Enjoy Some Music And Drinks In A Cocktail Hour Jazz Club

Channel the jazz club vibes at home with this cocktail hour experience all the way from London the day before Mother's Day. Make your very own cocktail to enjoy while the hosts perform a piano concert. If you and your mom really want to feel like you're out for a night on the town, dress up in your favorite jumper or sparkly black dress.

Learn How To Cook A Delicious Indian Meal

Give your tastebuds a trip to India with this at-home cooking lesson. As you make traditional Indian dishes like a chicken curry and Indian flat bread, you'll get a glimpse into the culinary history and a lesson on the different spices. After booking this experience, you'll receive a list of ingredients to have on hand, so you'll be prepared to follow along.

Relax In A Forest Bathing Meditation

If you want to give your mom the gift of relaxation, this forest bathing experience is just what she needs to treat herself. It's a little hard to be one with nature when you're at home, but this virtual experience will allow your mom to escape to a gorgeous garden in Portugal for the day.

Make Some Cheese With Goats

Have a G.O.A.T - aka, greatest of all time — kind of day with your mom in a virtual cheese-making lesson with goats. Seeing adorable animals is always a grate time, but along with some farm animal introductions, you and your mom will get to make goat cheese at home as well.

Flip Pancakes For A Good Cause

Have a flippin' good time learning how to make pancakes with a chef in San Fransisco. You'll begin with a plain pancake recipe that you can experiment with to include different fruits, flavors, and patterns. You just might be an expert pancake maker in no time.

Make A Collage With A Barcelona Artist

Mom has always been a fan of your DIY Mother's Day gifts. This year, you can get crafty together with a collage art class led by a Barcelona artist. Using the materials your mom has at home, she'll be able to make some really cool artwork.

Discover Some Spiced Wines With An Archaeologist

Wine not bring on the grape times this Mother's Day? Consider booking this spiced wine lesson taught by an archeologist. Receive a little history lesson while you get to know spiced wines of the Roman times, the Middle Ages, and even the Renaissance. During this experience, you'll also learn how to make four different spiced wines that you can enjoy at home.

Get Musical With A Songwriting Lesson From A Nashville Artist

Give your mom the gift of music this year with this songwriting lesson from Nashville, TN. Taught by a professional songwriter, you'll work with her to create your very own song. By the end, you'll have a song you can share with your mom forever, which is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Get Some Sake Secrets From The Oldest Brewery In Tokyo, Japan

If you're 21 or over, you and your mom may fall in love with this sake experience, straight from Japan. It'll be like you've taken a trip overseas to visit the oldest brewery in Tokyo, Japan. Get ready to sip and savor.

Whip Up Some Latin Pastries

Give the sweetest person you know something truly sweet in return with this latin pastry experience (which is available for booking the day before Mother's Day). This online class will teach your mom how to make some of the most delicious pastries like dulce de leche cookie sandwiches and churros.

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