Grab Your Passport & Go "Around The World In 80 Days" On Airbnb's Epic Adventure

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If you're anything like me, the first time you were introduced to the world of traveling was, well, a while ago. You may have been a middle schooler who spent a lot of time laying in bed and scrolling through Tumblr. You fantasized about living in an apartment in the city, studying abroad, and what it would be like to wear a cute sundress while posing for pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. As you grew up, you began to turn these daydreams into reality, filling your suitcase with trendy outfits and your passport with stamps. You always find yourself asking, "Where to next?" How about Airbnb's Around The World in 80 Days Adventure? It will take you to the dreamiest destinations on this planet.

I knew that I wouldn't have to convince you much, because you have one really important goal in life: to see and do everything on your bucket list. You might want to learn how to surf on the West Coast, eat the most delicious bowl of homemade pasta in Italy, and watch fireworks on the coast of France. You may want to go hiking and swimming in the jungle, and dance on the beach while surrounded by palm trees and your go-to travel buddies. To some, it may not seem practical or attainable. But you're ambitious and don't normally listen to their doubts or worries.

You fully believe that you can live your #bestlife and see the places you once re-blogged on Tumblr. You're so excited at the idea of packing your suitcase, scoring even more passport stamps, and hopping from one destination to the next. Let's talk about Airbnb's Around The World in 80 Days Adventure then, shall we? That way, you can get started on the trip of your dreams and do something epic soon.

What's the scoop on Airbnb's Around The World in 80 Days Adventure?


Airbnb, in celebration of their new feature, Airbnb Adventures, is bringing a limited number of true travelers (for one time only) around the world for 80 days. The idea was inspired by the classic novel by Jules Verne, titled Around the World in Eighty Days, and will take you and other guests on the international trip of a lifetime. It'll let you explore every aspect of culture, history, art, food, and traditions for a grand total of 12 weeks.

The adventure will kick off and end in London, England, and cover six continents, 18 countries, two oceans, and five seas. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to ride in eight different types of transportation as you make memories throughout eastern Africa, the Middle East, the South Pacific, and the Americas — just to name a few of the destinations. Going up, up, and away into the clouds in a hot air balloon is, of course, included. (Be sure to take pictures for Instagram while you're in the sky, OK?)

When all is said and done, you'll tell your friends about the sights and beautiful views you experienced in Ethiopia, Thailand, Iceland, and Chile, and all the items that were on your full, detailed, week-by-week itinerary. To read that over, go to the experience's listing on the Airbnb website.

How can you go on this exclusive, worldwide adventure?

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Head to the experience listing for the Around The World in 80 Days Adventure on Airbnb's website on Thursday, June 20. The adventure will be available to book then, with a rate of $5,000 per person.

It may sound expensive and beyond your budget, but that price will include accommodations, transportation, food, and drinks. Your funds will also be going toward an amazing cause, because 100% of the proceeds from this experience goes to Malala Fund, which, according to Airbnb, works to provide girls with free, safe, and quality education for 12 years.

The only costs that will be your responsibility, outside of the $5,000 is a round-trip ticket to and from London, where the trip will begin and end, and a renewed passport if yours is running out of pages for stamps. You should also know that, after booking, you can cancel your reservation within 24 hours of your purchase and be fully refunded, according to Airbnb's cancellation policy.

You and your travel buddies need to be 21 or over to attend this experience, so keep that in mind as well. Otherwise, complete the necessary pre-departure items that will be listed in the packet you receive, and enjoy every single second of this adventure.

What's the scoop on Airbnb Adventures?

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As wonderful as taking a trip around the world sounds, Airbnb is also offering additional experiences within their new feature, Airbnb Adventures, that are well-worth booking. These are unique excursions like exploring the depths of the Amazon jungle, camping on a cliff in Colorado, and tracking lions on foot in Kenya, that take the typical Airbnb Experiences to an entirely new level. They include accommodations, activities, and meals when you arrive at your destination, which is really game-changing.

These adventures take what you're passionate or excited about, and bring them into your life. They give you the opportunity to travel the world, while sticking to your budget. Right now, there are more than 200 adventures available to book, with more being released by the end of the year. The prices of these experiences range from $79 for an overnighter, to up to $5000 for a 10-day trip, with an average price of $588 for a three-day trip.

Whether you're a foodie who wants to try new cuisine, or a thrill-seeker who wants an adrenaline rush, you'll find something for you. Just be sure to head to the Airbnb website soon and book your spot, because each adventure allows for a maximum of 12 guests or less, and you and your travel buddies will want to live your dreams together.

How can you and your travel buddies plan a trip using Airbnb Adventures?

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To me, the best part of traveling is being able to immerse yourself in the local culture, food, and experiences. Some bucket list items are simply better when they're checked off in certain destinations around the world, and when I'm planning a trip, I'm always worried that I'm going to miss out and think, "I should've done that."

You and your travel buddies may feel the same way, but that's where Airbnb Adventures comes in. It makes sure that your trip is everything you're hoping it will be, and more, by finding the accommodations, food, and activities for you that'll make your life, well, straight-up awesome.

When you're sitting in front of your laptop and doing your pre-trip research, consider using this new feature to take your 10 days in Europe to the next level. I don't think you'll be disappointed one bit — especially when you touch down in your hometown afterwards and head back to work. You'll think, "Wow, that was an adventure," and realize you're living the life of your dreams.

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