The Advice You Should Follow During Aquarius Season, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you ready to let your freak flag fly? Turn up the shock factor? Find yourself through a supportive community? Ready or not, the sun enters Aquarius on Jan. 20, and if the 11th sign in the zodiac wheel can teach you anything at all, it's how to have the courage to embrace your rebellious side. Are you ready to take in the advice you should follow during Aquarius season 2019? Don't you dare underestimate its power to reshape the entire world.

You can use Aquarian energy to set yourself free from constricting expectations, fight for justice like your life depends on it, and accomplish so much good for so many people. But even though Aquarius, like Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn — planet of discipline and commitment — it's also ruled by Uranus. Unlike Saturn, Uranus has a sense of humor, and it enjoys shaking things up for the sake of making everything more interesting. After all, Uranus rules over unexpected change and radical behavior. What's more tongue-in-cheek than that? Anyway, what I'm trying to say is this: Aquarius season is about continuing the work you started when the sun was in Capricorn. However, Aquarius wants you to take your goals a step further by breaking the rules, creating a path that has never been traveled before.


You have every reason to get out there, make lots of new friends, and spend time with the ones you've already got. People need you right now and you need other people. Exchange ideas and keep your heart open. Champion those who have less than you do. Help others whenever you can.


Demand the recognition and respect that you deserve. No one is gonna believe what you're capable of until you believe it yourself. It's time for you to take your career goals seriously, to reach out there for tangible success and achievement in your field. Don't let your brilliance sit in shadows.


When's the last time you truly went on an adventure? You've gotta get out of your own neighborhood, leave behind your comfort zone, and shake things up a bit. Allow yourself to be a student and life to be your teacher. Let the present moment be filled with possibility and try something new.


There's no time for you to deny what it is you truly want and need. Look inside yourself and tap into that source of unending passion that is screaming to be realized. Go after the goal, the person, or the place that you desire. Forget all the ifs, ands, or buts. You know what it is you want.


You're in a place to be fully empowered by one-on-one relationships. Sit down and have a deep and connective conversation with someone. Make a commitment with someone that means something. Take your relationship to the next level. You're need stability and loyalty as much as you can give it.


Take a long look at all the mess and clutter in your life. What bad habits of yours are getting in the way of creating focused success? It's time for you to clean out your closet, write a to-do list, commit to a regular routine, and take care of your loose ends. This is a period of necessary self-care.


You really need to spend time enjoying the living daylights out of being you. What do you love doing? What do you love about life? About yourself? Indulge in all of it. Engage in creative expression for the fun of it and don't waste any of the color in the world. The world is your instrument.


It's time to curl up in your safe space, spend time lavishing in your most intimate relationships, and recharge. Clear out your calendar and spend time relaxing at home. You deserve a period of calm reboot. Redecorate your environment, turn on some music, read a good book, and chill out.


Your brain is all jittery with new ideas, connecting all the dots and coming up with intelligent thoughts. Use this to your benefit by engaging in stimulating conversations, writing, reading, studying, and absorbing all the information you can. Your mind is like putty, ready to be molded.


Building a more lucrative and prosperous reality is what's on your mind right now, so start planning for financial success and luxurious stability. You have the power to manifest a rich life, whatever "rich" may mean to you. Work hard for the security you desire and make sure you've saved enough for a rainy day.


It's your time to shine, so shine as brightly and magnificently as the sun itself. Be unabashed in your self-love and your self-trust. Take a look at how much you've grown over the past year. It wasn't easy, and yet, you've made it. Begin acknowledging the person you've become. You deserve it.


Indulge in some well-deserved solitude. You need to be able to listen to your inner-voice right now. Allow it to be untainted by the opinions of others and intrusive thoughts that aren't rooted in reality. Listen to your intuition and glean some perspective in your life. Your psychic is showing.