Advice To Follow For The New Moon In Aquarius, According To Your Zodiac Sign

The new moon is my favorite phase of the lunar cycle and I'll tell you why. It's a chance to release yourself from concerns and attachments that have been holding you back, freeing you from unnecessary burdens so that you can start over again. You're encouraged to plant the seed of a new intention that will sprout, grow, and bloom. When this lunation is around the corner, it's a sign that you're ready to reflect on your current spiritual state. If you're wondering how to harness its power, take the advice to follow during the new moon in Aquarius 2019. No matter what you feel when it takes place on Feb. 4, 2019, know that hope is on the way.

For how powerful a new moon can be, have you ever wondered how you should harness it? If you guide your intentions according to what the stars have in store for you, it'll only emphasize your message to the universe. When this new moon takes place in radical, revolutionary, and community-oriented Aquarius, it has the capacity to dramatically shift the tides in your life. Become your most authentic self, reach out to others for support, and let no one fall by the wayside.


Gather with likeminded individuals and work together toward something meaningful to you. Extend a helping hand to those who need it, learn from those around you, and unleash your social spark.


Take a major step in your career. Put yourself out there. Enter into a contest, apply for a job, sign up for a class, or finally get up on stage. Do something that gets you noticed and recognized. Sit in shadows no longer.


Go on an adventure without any thought as to where you'll end up. Let the wind take you somewhere completely unexpected. Open your mind to philosophies unlike your own, make new memories, and life your life.


Embrace your inner darkness. Look deep within your heart and appreciate your secrets. Share them with someone who truly deserves them. Connect with your world in a way that cuts out all the superficiality.


Nurture your closest relationships. Forge loyalty with others. Don't worry about keeping up with acquaintances. Spend time with your truest friends. Cooperate and combine your powers to create something.


Organize the clutter in your life. Create a plan to get back on track if you've swerved too far off. Revamp your daily routine, cut out unnecessary distractions, and take care of yourself in the way you need.


Create art for yourself, not for those who may judge it. If you're not enjoying yourself, no one will enjoy what you're creating. Remember that the only reason to make art is because it lets you live more vividly.


Take time to rest at home. Redesign your living space, clean, and lounge around. You deserve time to recharge, reconnect with your roots, and spend time with those who know you better than anyone.


Use your voice and speak your truth, no matter who or what it may offend. Now's the time for you to stop repressing your desire to speak. You've got brilliant ideas and the world desperately needs to hear them.


Make a plan to make the money you need. Take stock of what you need in order to feel more stable, safe, and luxurious. What possessions make you happy? How can you acquire the resources you need?


Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself whether or not your reflection feels authentic. Make changes that correspond with the strides you've made. Take time to refine and revamp your identity.


Find a moment of solitude. Dig deep into your subconscious and listen to what your intuition says. Write in your journal, meditate, light some candles, and connect with your magic. Let your higher self guide the way.