Advice To Follow During The Worm Moon, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I'm not gonna lie, I don't always look forward to full moons. While I certainly feel mesmerized by their beauty and I can't help but say a little prayer to the full moon, I know it's far less glamorous than it seems. In fact, full moons can be a time of unexpected news, uncomfortable revelations, and inevitable change. While these shifts are often a positive thing, they don't always seem so at first. If you're hoping for the best, then the advice you should follow, according to your zodiac sign, will help you make sense of your current situation.

Taking place on March 20 at 9:43 p.m. ET, the Worm Moon occurs in Libra, a zodiac sign known for balance, harmony, and one-on-one relationships. This full moon is all about transitioning periods. The seasons are changing from winter to spring, and you're likely closing a chapter in life and starting a new one. You may feel scared or uncertain about where this path will lead you, but you have a vision in mind. No matter how strange this change feels, remember that spring comes with a new beginning. Once the seeds in the earth germinate, they eventually sprout, grow, and bloom. Soon, that will be you.


Partnerships require mutual respect, love, and trust. It's time for you to set the terms for what kind of partnership you know you deserve. Let go of relationships that aren't helping you become your highest self.


Take a look at your routine, at the everyday choices that you make. Focus on making your decisions healthier and more productive. Work on letting go of negative habits and focus on one positive decision at a time.


In order to be an all-around happy person, you need to allow yourself to create freely and easily. Release your inner child and let them take the wheel. It's time for you to dance, paint, sing, and laugh. Life demands it.


You deserve to feel at home, to return to a safe place that you can be yourself. Focus on creating that place. Redesign, reconnect, and reestablish your relationship with your home and your family.


You have so many things to say and it's time for you to stop holding yourself back from saying them. Engage in stimulating conversations, participate in intellectual activities, and use that brilliant noggin of yours.


What do you need to feel more stable, secure, and satisfied? It's time to focus on making the amount of money you want and obtaining the possessions you desire. You deserve a sense of comfort and prosperity.


Are you letting yourself become the person you're meant to become? Don't feel inhibited by previous attachments to former identities. Allow yourself to grow and be changed. Show the rest of the world the new you.


Take time to replenish and purify your spirit. Participate in centering activities such as meditation, journaling, rituals, yoga, etc. Listen to your intuition and absorb what it's trying to tell you. Your unconscious is talking.


You deserve a sense of community and friendship that truly inspires and welcomes you. Excuse yourself from groups that tear you down. Open yourself up to social connection and group efforts that nurture you.


Think big when it comes to your dreams. Your career is on its way to blossoming, so keep your eye on the ball. Focus on what you need in order to stay on the right path. Don't settle for less and don't hold back.


There's a whole world out there waiting for you to explore it. It's time for you to be more spontaneous, more open-minded, and more adventurous. Make the decision to allow more cultural exchange into your life.


You're coming away from an emotional ending and it may feel dark right now. However, when one door closes, another one opens, and you need to see the hope that lies in the change. You will get through this strange time.