Advice To Follow During This Month's Mercury Retrograde, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

That's right, my cosmic friends. Mercury retrograde is back, and this time, with a vengeance. The planet of communication and cognitive function has so much influence over the way we connect the dots, process information, plan ahead, and converse with others. When undergoing apparent retrograde motion, all such matters are put in jeopardy, but I've got some sound advice you should follow during Mercury retrograde in Pisces 2019, so listen very carefully.

Oh, did I forget to mention that this retrograde will take place in Pisces? This makes the whole experience all the more interesting. When Mercury retrograde begins on Mar. 5, it will take on the color, shade, and tone of the dreamiest and most illusive zodiac sign of all. You might think that this lessens the blow, but get this: Mercury is in detriment when it's in Pisces. Now, this essentially means that logical and brainy Mercury doesn't work the way it prefers to when it's in Pisces. It would much rather be in zodiac signs such as Gemini or Virgo, which are known for being more chatty and detail-oriented. However, when it's in Pisces, it forces you to think of things completely differently. The only problem? This new way of thinking contradicts everything you thought you knew. Stay tuned for the outcome.


Listen to your intuition and don't ignore the messages you are receiving from within. Make solitude and rest a priority because you will be incredibly sensitive to negative energy. Protect your spirit at all costs and trust your gut.


Think carefully about the people you're spending time with. You may feel pulled to meet with someone from the past and find a sense of closure. Allow yourself to be healed by these conversations. Trust that your true friends will reveal themselves.


Don't be too hard on yourself when it comes to your career or your image. You're not seeing your accomplishments clearly and it's no time to make drastic decisions. Revamp your relationship with success and let things work themselves out naturally.


Pay attention to the smaller details because you'll be especially susceptible to oversight. Reconsider what your beliefs are and how well you're truly living your life. Think of all the ways in which you can be exploring this world more beautifully.


Reconsider your relationship with sharing and intimacy. Are you giving too much or too little? Are you receiving too little or too much? It's time to think of what emotional bearings you should let go of, because they may be holding you back.


Think about the state of your closest relationships. Are they encouraging you to become the best version of yourself? Do they allow you to speak freely and be true to yourself? Consider how you can rejuvenate your bonds.


Your daily routine is being affected by this retrograde. It's time to take prioritization seriously and to revamp the way you organize and manage your time. Think about how you can commit to a healthier and happier routine.


You may feel a disconnect from your creative source, but that's only because you're meant to let the juices flow to you, not the other way around. Take a break from trying to force the joy. Trust that it's surrounding you. Open yourself up to it.


Do you have a place where you feel safe and sound in this hectic world? Are your loved ones making you feel safe and understood? Is your home a place you want to be? Take time to answer these questions. It's time for you to find the comfort you deserve.


You may feel the instinct to rush through a million things at once, but know that you won't really get anything done. Take time to breathe and do one thing at a time. Be careful and think before you speak. Your mind is working in strange ways.


Rethink your relationship with money and abundance. It may be best to hold off on major purchases and to spend this time considering what you should do with your finances instead. How can you be wiser with your cash? How can you multiply it?


You're undergoing an immense transformation in the way you see yourself and the way you project yourself to the rest of the world. You may feel pulled to make a major change in your appearance, but think the decision through.