Adele Is Still The Ultimate Beyoncé Stan & She Dressed In A ‘Black Is King’ Outfit To Prove It

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Beyoncé's empowering visual companion to Disney's live-action film The Lion King is continuing to make waves following its release on Friday, July 31. Since the drop of Black Is King, fans have been bowing down to the queen — and Beyhive member Adele is no exception. Adele’s Instagram tribute to Beyoncé’s Black Is King flawlessly took fangirling to the next level, and the internet is begging for these two stars to just team up already.

The Grammy winner proved she's just as passionate as the rest of the Beyhive when she took to Instagram to applaud the songstress on the critically and fan-acclaimed visual album. Black Is King, which the Lemonade hitmaker produced following her role as Nala in the 2019 remake of The Lion King, is a stunning celebration of Black power and beauty that incorporates plenty of celebrity cameos, eye-catching fashion moments, and, unsurprisingly, incredible vocals.

Adele, who is traditionally pretty private on social media, revealed that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery when she shared an Instagram post of her watching the singer's new visual companion while wearing a matching brown shirt. Adele's look perfectly matched the crescent moon-patterned leotard that Bey wore in Black Is King.


The British artist further elaborated on her admiration for her fellow musician by captioning the photo, "Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art," along with two black heart emojis.

It's not the first time Adele has publicly shared just how much she looks up to the "Crazy In Love" singer. After beating out Bey for the 2017 Album of the Year Grammy, the "Hello" singer shared she was conflicted about accepting the honor because of how groundbreaking Lemonade was.

"I'm very humbled, and I'm very grateful and gracious, but my artist of my life is Beyoncé, and this album for me, the Lemonade album, was just so monumental," she said during the emotional acceptance speech. "Beyoncé, it was so monumental, and so well-thought out and so beautiful and soul-bearing. And we all got to see another side to you that you don't always let us see and we appreciate that and all us artists here adore you. You are our light and the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my Black friends feel is empowering and you make them stand up for themselves. And I love you. I always have, and I always will."

Adele's latest public fandom for Beyoncé quickly caught the attention of the Beyhive, who took to Twitter to applaud the two friends and ask the question of everyone's minds: When are these artists going to drop a collaboration?

Although there's no telling when Adele and Bey will team up for what's sure to be a chart-topping single, the British singer's manager revealed in June that Adele is still planning to roll out a new album soon, although the original release date of September 2020 has been pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jonathan Dickins told Music Week, "It isn't coming in September, it'll be ready when it's ready. We're all in the same boat; you're doing stuff and then all of a sudden, the world stops. It'll come when it's ready. I can't put a date on that yet. We have music, but we're still working (on it)."

Adele's last album was the bestselling 25, which dropped in 2015.

The "Someone Like You" singer might be putting her musical plans on hold for a bit, but here's hoping she will eventually get to work with her favorite singer and gift fans the Beyoncé collab everyone's been waiting for.