There's Going To Be A "Dear David" Movie, So Plan On Sleeping With The Lights On

by Chelsea Stewart
Kevin Gilgan // Stocksy

You might wanna get a pair of undies (or several) ready in advance, because a Dear David movie is in the works and it's bound to scare the crap out of you. If you somehow haven't already heard about this story, it's centered on a series of utterly horrifying paranormal incidents that have occurred in artist Adam Ellis' New York apartment over the past few months. Since August 2017, Ellis has publicly described his encounters with what he says is the ghost of a little boy named David, who he says crossed over into the real world from his dreams and won't go away. TBH, it's one of those tales that you can't help but be fascinated by while simultaneously dialing up a friend to spend the night with you because you've freaked yourself out and can no longer fall asleep.

Ellis shared the news of the upcoming film with his fans on June 6 through his Twitter page. The message included a photo of a director's chair, engraved with the words "Dear David," and a caption that read:

Some Dear David news: Dan Lin (producer of ‘IT’) will be producing a Dear David film with screenwriter Mike Van Waes (writer of ‘The Conjuring’ spinoff ‘The Crooked Man’) attached.

Did you read that? Writers and producers of IT and The Conjuring are working on this! EEEK!!

"Dear David" has been an incredibly creepy story since Ellis first started sharing his experiences on Twitter back in August 2017. The artist shared that a young boy with a disfigured head had initially appeared in one of his dreams, but he woke up right before the boy reached his bed. In a following dream, Ellis saw a girl who warned him not to ask the ghost more than two questions or else he would be killed, however, in a subsequent dream, Ellis forgot the warning — and asked the ghost three questions. After he woke up, Ellis brushed the incident off as a random nightmare. But then, strange things started happening in his apartment — the ghost would apparently use his rocking chair, wreak havoc on his cats, move objects around his room, and even started showing up in his photographs.

Considering the story is so wild, some have suggested he was making it all up, while others have said that Ellis' story is merely for the sake of internet stardom. But he's stood by his experiences, telling one antsy critic back in March that he wasn't "going to start inventing stuff."

In one of the more recent updates, posted on Dec. 12, 2017, Ellis revealed that he'd been having vague dreams and "sudden bouts of dizziness" that caused him to take a brief hiatus from social media. He continued on to say that he feels a "palpable sense of malice" and "badness" whenever he's visited by David, despite suggestions that the ghost might just need help. One of his tweets read:

It was a feeling I'm used to — it always accompanies David. People tweet at me a lot saying he might just need help, but I'm certain that's not the case. Every time he shows up, I feel a palpable sense of malice.

Instead of packing his bags like many of us would've done, he set up a camera on a bookshelf to capture any suspicious incidents. Using an app that takes photographs every 60 seconds, Ellis discovered much more than he probably expected, and posted the results to his Twitter. "The vast majority of them were me sleeping in an empty room. It's sort of dark but you can see me sleeping," he wrote. "I'd left a couple night lights on just in case anything showed up, but for the first hundred or so photos it was just me in an empty room." In the next post, though, David was shown standing in plain view.

He continued, "He was on the bed. Inches from me, staring down at me sleeping."

Give me one second to let my heart rate slow down.

...OK, much better.

There's not gonna be a scarier movie than this. But if you think otherwise, do me a favor and keep it to yourself 'cause I really don't need any of that kind of stress in my life. Please, and thanks.