These Horrifying "Dear David" Videos Will Make It Extra Hard To Sleep At Night

By now, if you've somehow managed to avoid the viral Twitter thread that is "Dear David," then I commend you. More than once, it has kept me awake at night, as it's considerably more believable than the average ghost story. It all started as a nightmare for NYC-based artist, Adam Ellis, and has since turned into a real-life haunting from a little boy named David. Ellis has been documenting the haunting in a Twitter thread appropriately titled "Dear David." So if you need to be brought up-to-speed, these "Dear David" videos might help.

Ellis first started tweeting his interactions with young David on Aug. 7, expressing early on that he was feeling threatened by a young, disfigured boy. After his first encounter with David — which was in a nightmare — Ellis quickly started noticing his cats acting strangely. This escalated to photos turning dark in well-lit rooms, as well as other odd happenings in the apartment. Beyond Ellis' tweets describing his dreams and experiences (as well as photographic evidence), his videos are by far the most telling evidence. Between showing his cats' reactions, to documenting his moving rocking chair, Ellis' videography in "Dear David" is undoubtedly jaw-dropping.

Ellis' first few videos show his cats staring at the door and curiously sniffing it. Since pets always know what's up, (and because they all totally have the sixth sense), these videos were solid indications of a ghostly presence in Ellis' apartment.

Next, Ellis started noticing that his polaroids were coming out black, even though he was taking photos in his well-lit living room. Ellis took a video of himself snapping polaroids and waiting for them to develop, to show that he wasn't fooling us. This sparked many of us to start thinking that this stuff might just be too freaking real.

After taking an extensive amounts of ruined photographs, experiencing more nightmares, and even receiving a bizarre series of missed unidentified phone calls, Ellis rightfully decided to install a nanny cam, which started documenting strange movements coming from his rocking chair (because honestly, what's a terrifying ghost story without a weird AF rocking chair?) Ellis' camera caught the chair rocking totally on its own, and let me tell you, it's really freakish.

Even in early September, after about a month of strange happenings, the cats continued to freak out. Acting even weirder than before, the cats appeared to be totally mesmerized in these videos shot from the nanny cam.

The real hero of this story, though, truly is the nanny cam. Sometimes these strange happenings are subtle and forgettable, but with a camera running 24/7, everything that could possibly be constituted as evidence is documented.... like when Ellis was seen leaving the living room and a small cactus was pushed off his shelf, completely unprovoked.

Eventually, after increased investigation, Ellis noticed a strange crawl space in the hallway outside his new apartment, realizing it led to an undiscovered crawl space. Spanning the entirety of his apartment, between his ceiling and the roof, Ellis took this video to show how high up it is. In the following posts, Ellis showed dirt and debris that started falling from it, which hadn't happened before.

Then, Ellis showed when he tried poking the doorway with a really long pole, and something small and heavy fell out of it. Ellis followed up, showing photographic evidence that the falling object was an old leather child's shoe. Eek!

Afterwards, Ellis posted a series of photos of David, which started leading people believe that the entire thing is a hoax. Although the photos were maybe a little odd, however, the videos are totally creepy. Even though we're still feeling pretty bad for Ellis and his haunted AF apartment, we do honestly hope he keeps on posting vids... because they're seriously addicting to watch.

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