Twitter Is At War About Whether Or Not "Dear David" Is Actually Real

Unless you avoid ghost stories like the plague (or if you somehow don't find solace in vicariously living through other people on Twitter), there's a chance you haven't heard about the horrifying internet sensation that is "Dear David." NYC-based artist, Adam Ellis, claims he has been haunted by a young boy named David for months now. He has consistently documented his sightings on Twitter with spooky threads, which are mainly known as the "Dear David" threads. After Ellis' latest (and arguably creepiest) update, people are really starting to wonder: Is "Dear David" fake? The Twitterverse is seriously in shambles.

To update all of you non-"Dear David" followers: Ellis' first encounter with David was in a dream. A little boy with a nasty head injury appeared in one of his nightmares, and Ellis didn't initially give it much thought. But eventually, the massacred child started showing up in Ellis' reality. What started with messing with Ellis' belongings and sitting in his rocking chair has escalated to David tormenting his house cats and even appearing in photographs.

Whether you're a ghost story nay-sayer or if you totally believe it, I think we can all agree that David is the worst roommate on the planet — and most of us, (myself included), would have probably already left that apartment while running and screaming. Below are just a few highlights to summarize what's going on, if you haven't yet sold yourself to follow Ellis' terrifyingly awesome "Dear David" journey.

Ellis' journey documenting David first started in August, and his documentations have gotten sufficiently creepier. His latest updates were posted just the other day, after snapping a series of photos while he was sleeping, using an app that takes a photo every 60 seconds.

From the creepy AF pictures, you can see disfigured little David standing on Ellis' bed. He slowly approaches Ellis, stands over him for a moment, and eventually goes straight up to the camera where you can see his stringy hair and crumpled little ear. Regardless of what you think of it, anyone can admit that these photos are just really freaking creepy.

While many were initially on board with Ellis at the start of his bone chilling journey with David, a large portion of Twitter is now starting to doubt David's existence, based on Ellis' latest images. Many claim that David looks merely like a mutilated doll, and that Adam set up the entire thing for the sake of Twitter fame. Some people think he's just taken the story way too far for it to still be believable.

In light of the haters, many who are doubting the legitimacy of "Dear David" are just way too invested to stop reading Ellis' feed. In spite of phony allegations, they feel that if they've followed Ellis this long, it's too late to turn back now. I mean, seriously, nobody can deny that this stuff is juicy-as-heck, and just really darn addicting. Can't stop, won't stop.

And lastly, other followers of Ellis (like myself) are just too busy freaking the heck out about his latest pics. They might be real, or they might not be — but we are just way too freaking horrified and too deep into this to care about the legitimacy factor of "Dear David."

Same here guys, I'm with you. The pictures of David on Ellis' bed may or may not be real, but either way, they're so creepy and we're still so into it.

Whether you believe Ellis' "Dear David," or if you think Ellis is just a really dedicated story-teller, there's honestly no way to pick a side... unless you continue following his wildly creepy stories of "Dear David."

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