Viral "Dear David" Ghost Story Is Updated On Twitter & The Pics Will Terrify You

Halloween might have come to a close, but that doesn't mean paranormal activity stops after Oct. 31. One Twitter account proves that the spirit lurking in a man's home is certainly still beginning for attention — whether he likes it or not. Photos of the "Dear David" ghost from the viral Twitter thread have emerged, and anyone who is daring enough to take a peek will probably have to sleep with the lights on.

For those who are unfamiliar with David, here's the lowdown. Adam Ellis, a New York City based artist and writer with BuzzFeed, experienced eerie dreams one night. A young boy name David with a disfigured head appeared to him, causing one hell of a nightmare. However, David didn't just stay in Ellis' dreams.

What began as creepy nightmares soon turned into a haunting. The young boy would appear in Ellis' apartment, sitting in the green chair the artist keeps in his bedroom. Each encounter left Ellis paralyzed with fear, and he believed David might possibly be out to hurt him.

Here's the thing: In one dream, Ellis was warned that he is only able to ask David two questions — the third would lead to dangerous consequences. He must ask in the form of "Dear David." Though Ellis was cautioned, he did ask three things. Have a look.

It seems frightening and unsettling to think that something is watching over you and has the power to do harm. As eery as it may seem, what evidence do we have that the spirit of a young boy has attached himself to this man? After all, Ellis could not find anything on David's death after extensive research about the accident.

For those who are skeptical, Ellis shows just how David affects his everyday life.

Even after moving into a different apartment — one that was upstairs from his original paranormal hotbed — Ellis experienced odd activity.

Even his cats were subjected to David's haunting.

They would watch movement from behind the doors at midnight — David's prime time for making an appearance.

Ellis' poor fury friends are getting caught up in the paranormal mess.

Videos capture the cats interacting with seemingly nothing (note: keep an eye on that Mason jar).

OK, OK, that's all fine and dandy. But how do you explain this chair rocking on its own?

(David, that's how.)

If you've experienced some chills tingling down your spine, it's totally understandable — imagine sitting at home in your apartment while a deceased boy terrorizes your every move. But prepare to be even more terrified once you take a look at David himself.

Ellis took to his viral Twitter thread to show his following what he thinks David looks like based on his dreams and hauntings.

Well, now the time has come, folks. Ellis' photos capture David for the first time.

If that cartoon made you somewhat unsettled, I suggest you proceed with caution.

Take a close look at the dark photos from Ellis' apartment. Don't you see something... strange?

Is that...

Yep, it is. It's David.

Perhaps the most frightening footage to date has appeared, and naturally, Ellis is unable to handle what's happening in his home.

To make matters even more frightening, one Twitter user decided to lighten the picture to get an extra close look at little David.

Well, Mr. Ellis, it's definitely safe to say you're in a house for two. Moving didn't seem to do the trick — in fact, it seemed to make things a whole lot worse. David is officially ready to make his presence known in full force. Will you be able to get some shut eye tonight? Good luck.

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