Here's What The BTS ARMY Needs To Know About The New Bangtan Universe Drama

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Ever wondered what it would be like to watch the BTS Universe unfold before your eyes? Well, you're about to have a chance to see just that, as a Bangtan Universe drama series is officially underway. Big Hit Entertainment announced on Aug. 21 that it has started working with a Korean production company to create a show based on the Bangtan Universe fans already know and love.

As if BTS didn't cover enough artistic mediums as it is, now they're going to the small screen! Unfortunately for the BTS ARMY, it doesn't look like RM, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga, J-Hope, and Jin will be in the show themselves. Actors will be cast to play each of the group's seven members, but honestly, I'm fine with that. First of all, because it gives actors more jobs and lord knows we need that. Second, the BTS boys basically have their entire lives filmed anyway for their various professional commitments (they have a reality show that just completed its third season, their third feature film just came out, and their 2019 summer package is coming out soon), so they really don't need to add another film schedule to their already full plates.

This show sounds like it's going to be an interesting one, though! In terms of when fans can expect to see the first episodes of the show drop, Big Hit's announcement said, "We are currently preparing a drama based on the BTS Universe with a famous Korean production studio. The goal is to launch it in the latter half of 2020.”

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To dive into the plot a bit more, the show is reportedly going to portray a younger version of the BTS boys (which is the main reason the show is casting actors instead of the boys themselves) and show how they met in the BTS Universe, a fictional storyline based on the boys that has been documented throughout BTS' music videos, web tunes, albums, and novels.

The Bangtan Universe, for those of you who might not be in the know, is a fictional storyline loosely based on the BTS boys. The story weaves through BTS' music videos, cleverly using BTS' massive catalog of work as the foundation for its stories. While it's loosely based on the BTS boys and each of the characters in the story are named after a member of the group, the characters aren't intended to be an exact recreation of their namesake. There are Bangtan Universe books, short films, short stories, social media accounts, and more that fans get to ingest as part of this universe, and now, Big Hit is gifting them with a drama series to boot!

Big Hit did make clear that the Bangtan Universe BTS boys will be younger than the IRL BTS boys are, but maybe it's possible that RM, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, V, Suga, and Jungkook will make some cameos! *fingers crossed*

Either way, it would be super interesting to see these stories told in a show. Guess we'll have to wait until 2020 to see what the show has in store for its viewers.