9 Workouts You Can Do With A Chair When Your Budget Isn't Ready For A Gym Membership

by Georgina Berbari

Though I'm not exactly proud to admit this, there have been many times when I've skipped a workout simply because I was far too lazy to leave my own house. TBH, though, that's no longer a valid excuse, because there are countless home workouts you can do to get your sweat on in the comfort of your very own room. Workouts you can do with a chair, for example, are actually really effective for strengthening nearly every part of your body, all with the help of just one simple household item.

When you think of incorporating a chair into your exercise routine, you probably envision parking your booty in one of those bad boys and doing a a couple of low-key legs lifts, or opening up your shoulders, or releasing tension in your neck with a few gentle stretches. And while these are all definitely great ways to add your four-legged contraption into your sweat sesh, there are even more ways to get a little creative with your chair workouts and challenge yourself in the most rewarding way possible.

So, whether you're admittedly kind of lazy like me, or your budget simply isn't ready for a gym membership, try these nine chair workouts that will put your muscles to the test, sans fancy fitness equipment.

Incline Push-Ups
Jamie Eastley on YouTube

Incline push-ups majorly target your lower chest, according to LIVESTRONG, which helps improve the function of your entire upper body.

When you're trying out this challenging exercise on a chair, rather than on a gym bench, make sure the chair is stable and will stay put on the ground while you're pushing your weight onto it. After all, nobody likes face-planting while trying to make those #gains, amirite?

Scientific 7 Minute Workout on YouTube

Again, make sure the chair you're using is stable and can support your body weight. Once you're ready, try some step-ups to work your calves, quads, and hamstrings.

You'll feel the burn throughout pretty much all of your lower body after just a few reps of these bad boys. Wth a workout like this, you'll wonder why the StairMaster was ever even invented. #SorryNotSorry.

Single-Leg Squats
Howcast on YouTube

Single-leg squats are a functional exercise that will really help you in any everyday activities you do on the reg.

Without a chair, this workout is pretty difficult to maneuver, especially if you've never done it before. However, adding your trusty chair into the mix will help you get the hang of this glute-strengthener, without losing your balance every three seconds, you feel me?

Seated Oblique Crunches
MobileNetWorkOut on YouTube

If you're looking for a more casual exercise that you can do while you're sitting down, oblique crunches are where it's at.

Though this move doesn't require as much exertion as the others, it'll still give you a killer core, without even having to stand up. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Standing Hydrant Kickbacks
Make Your Body Work on YouTube

Standing hydrant kickbacks are kind of like donkey kicks because they really focus on working your glute muscles, except with this exercise, you're upright and using a chair for support.

Honestly, I like to channel my inner ninja warrior while I'm doing these. Don't question me, it just feels right.

Straight Arm Hip Lifts
POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube

If you want to brag to all of your friends about how strong your core is, be sure to include chair hip lifts into your workout routine to guarantee bragging rights for life.

This exercise looks simple AF, but your entire body will be shaking before you know it. Good luck out there, friend.

Tricep Dips
Howcast on YouTube

Believe it or not, you really don't have to hit up the gym to build triceps of steel. Whip out your sturdiest chair, prop your hands up behind you, and pump out a few rounds of dips.

You can even do this one while watching reruns of Friends, if you're so inclined. If that's not the best way to take your mind off of the challenge, I don't know what is.

Side Leg Raises
WaldoCountyGeneral on YouTube

Side leg raises strengthen the often-neglected muscles of your outer hip and thigh, and at the same time, they actually work your abs, too.

Put on your favorite playlist and pulse your legs to the beat, fam. You can thank me later for that suggestion, I'll be here all week.

Elevated Plank
FPRprogram on YouTube

Traditional planks are getting kind of boring, if you ask me. Take your plank to the next level by elevating things up onto a chair.

Hold this one for as long as you can, until you feel like your muscles just cannot work anymore. The challenge will feel so rewarding when your workout is done, and hey — you didn't even need a single piece of gym equipment to push your limits. Go you!