5 Ab Exercises You Can Do With Your Booty Parked Right There In Your Chair

by Georgina Berbari
Getty Images/Bambu Productions

Sometimes, making the trek all the way to the gym for a workout is a challenging exercise in and of itself. Those lazy feels just take over, and the mere thought of getting up out of your chair or your bed sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary effort for not a lot of payoff. But, as much as you'd like it to, your core isn't going to strengthen itself. Luckily, there are lots of ab exercises you can do in a chair.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can totally sit and be fit, and it's literally the perfect solution to make all of your lazy fitness dreams come true.

Plus, since your abs are smaller than other muscles in your body, they actually benefit a lot from engaging in daily strengthening exercises, which also means you don't typically need to take a rest day in between these types of workouts (unlike leg day, which renders my body virtually useless a week after the fact).

So, for all my fellow lazy peeps out there, here are five ab exercises you can do with your booty parked right in your chair. Because, let's face it, standing is just overrated sometimes.

1. Oblique Bends

Working your oblique muscles stabilizes your spine and makes it easier to turn, twist, and bend your torso to the side.

You know, like when you're bending as far as possible off of your chair to get that thing you dropped, without actually standing up.

Is there a world record for laziness? I'm asking for a friend.

2. Chair Twist

The twisting motion of this ab exercise can strengthen both your internal and external obliques, which are often kind of hard to target when working out.

Plus, this exercise can improve your balance -- you know, for when you decide to get up.

3. Leg Contractions

OK, you don't have to use the extra equipment like this dude. But if you have it, and you're feeling ambitious, it'll totally add to the core challenge going on here.

You can totally sneak a circuit of these leg contractions in while you're watching the latest Game of Thrones episode. You'll feel the burn almost as much as Khaleesi's victims felt the burn of dragon breath (too soon?).

4. Scissor Kicks

This move strengthens your hip flexors, which are probably getting weak AF from all that sitting (no offense, fam -- we're all guilty here).

Scissor kicks also work the deepest muscle in your stomach, which is the transverse abdominis.

Look at you, sculpting those hidden muscles without even moving your booty! So proud of you, girl.

5. Floor Reaches

This exercise is kind of like a toe-touch, so it'll stretch out your legs while strengthening your midsection, as well.

Simply reach for the floor while alternating sides for each rep, and be sure to engage your abdominal muscles.

Oh, and if you're in a chair with wheels, make sure you rest it against a wall.

Unless you want a mini rollercoaster ride during your ab circuit -- I won't judge.