Support Your Good Vibes & Your Boobs With Any Of These 9 Sports Bras

Torrid/Electric & Rose

There are few feelings worse than an accidental nip slip during yoga class. Furiously trying to use one arm to adjust your sports bra while you're in downward facing dog just isn't a good look, nor is it a good feeling. Honestly, though, you don't have to live that way — and neither do your boobs. Let's face it: Some sports bras definitely weren't made for yoga, but that doesn't mean there aren't any sports bras for yoga that actually support you. Lucky for you, I've rounded up a few that will be there for you through thick and thin, not to mention the bendiest and most challenging of asanas.

After all, the last thing you should have to think or worry about during a relaxing yoga flow is the status of your boobs. With the right sports bra, you won't have to think twice about flipping upside down into a headstand, nor will you have to freak out about the wrath of boob sweat during hot yoga. Guys, there are even sports bras with built-in gemstones, and I'm so here for those good vibes.

Whether you're hitting up an advanced vinyasa class or restoring your body in a super chill yin session, your boobs deserve as much TLC as you're giving the rest of your body and your mind by attending yoga class — so give it to 'em, girl. Here are nine sports that'll cover all the bases when it comes to supporting both your good vibes and your boobs in yoga class.

A Supportive Bra For More Challenging Flows

As a dedicated yogi and teacher myself, I can personally attest to the fact that Gaiam's Shine bra keeps my C-cup boobs in place during even the most intense yoga flows. This bra has removable cups, which I personally prefer to keep out, but you do you, girl — the bra's in your court.

A Bra That Yogi Goddess Jessamyn Stanley Swears By

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body-positive activist who believes that fat women deserve the freedom to flaunt what they've got in the trendiest of sports bras. According to Women's Health, Stanely partnered with thredUP to create a Shop Her Closet site full of items from her own wardrobe to provide her fellow curvy gals with stylish options for yoga class. This camouflage bra from Torrid is apparently one of Stanley's favorites, and not only is it super cute, but the yogi said it makes both her and her boobs feel their best during class.

A Super Soft Bra For The Utmost Comfiness

If you're looking for a super soft bra that almost feels like it's not even there while you're lying in savasana, this one's for you, my friend. The luscious material of this body-hugging bra will allow you to lounge without a care in the world for hours after class as you savor that post-yoga feeling of bliss.

A Crystal-Infused Bra For All The Good Vibes

You read that right. Max and Vera's Intentions Sports Bra comes with a crystal that's literally tucked right into the side of the bra. I don't know about you, but I need these kinds of good vibes in my life immediately — my breasts will not rest until they are crystal-adorned.

A High-Necked Bra For When You're Feeling Bold

If you want to stand out in tree pose and feel bold in bird of paradise, Electric & Rose's Grayson Crop will be right up your alley. This tie-dyed, fashion-forward staple is a yogi's dream, so slip it over your shoulders and flow your heart out, friend.

A Double-Layer Bra That Gives You Control

Glamorise's adjustable sports bra is all about giving you control. Some yoga flows demand a little more support, while others are low-key enough to keep things a little more loose — either way, Glamorise gets it. This sports bra allows you to adjust the straps based on the level of impact your workout entails, and the two-way stretch back will move with you for ultimate comfort.

A Crop Top Bra For When You Don't Want To Bother With A Shirt

When you're running out the door and don't feel like grabbing a shirt to match your leggings, the Beyond Yoga Crossroads Bralette has your back (and your boobs). This classy crop is as comfy as it is chic and will quickly become a go-to for yoga class.

A Sweat-Wicking Bra For When You Dare To Go To Hot Yoga

Personally, hot yoga is not for me, but if you're the kind of person who does enjoy being covered from head to toe in your own sweat, this bra will keep your boobs as dry as possible. BTW, I'm kidding on the hot yoga shade. Kind of.

A Cute Bra That Gets How Uncomfy Chafing Is

IMO, the hook closure on the front of this sports bra is super chic, and I'm all about it. But the best thing about this bra, aside from the fact that it's supportive AF, is that it's especially effective in preventing chafing. Don't believe me? No worries — the raving customer reviews on Amazon are sure to convince you.