9 Sex Moves To Try On Summer Vacation, So You Can Seas The Day

by Ginny Hogan

Summer is here, which means, with any luck, vacation is right around the corner. If you're looking to get frisky this summer, you might be seeking out some sex moves to try on summer vacation, and I got you covered. In my opinion, the best part of vacation is that you get to break your routine, and that doesn't just mean the time you wake up — you get to try new things in the bedroom (which could also refer to the time you wake up, but I meant sex, OK?). For tips on how to spice it up on vacay, I have some sex move ideas for you.

Trying a new sex move can be daunting. If you're anything like me, it's hard to find one you like, and it can take some practice. Still, I've found I love a lot of moves that I didn't expect to (namely, my all-time favorite, where a guy lies on his back, puts his legs in the air, runs his hands up and down my spine, and I watch HBO). But seriously, trying new things is a great way to find new turn-ons (although, if you're satisfied with the moves you have, that's amazing too). Please note that none of these sex positions require specific anatomy — everything can be adjusted to use sex toys, fingers, or alternate holes, if that's more your style.

If you're looking to experiment sexually this summer, read on to find nine new sex moves to try on summer vacation.

The Upside-Downer

Summer means roller coasters, right? Even if you hate long lines, you can still get the experience of going upside down but lying on your back and putting your legs over your partner's shoulders. Then, they can penetrate you (with a finger, penis, toy or more). If your partner wants to take a ride, simply switch positions!

Kitchen Quickie

Are you in the kitchen prepping a big summer feast? I imagine you cutting strawberries very sensually, tbh. Take advantage of the kitchen energy to have sex on a fancy island! Bend over with your hands on the island or table, and have your partner enter you from behind (with fingers, a penis, or toys). And then wash your hands before returning to chopping the strawbs, of course.

Niagara Falls

If you like water play, this move may be for you. Get in a bathtub filled with water, and kneel. Have someone penetrate you from behind (with a penis or sex toy), and, as they thrust, feel the water rush between your legs.

Spoon Time

This is my absolute favorite if you're in the mood to be intimate, but you're tired (honestly, my constant mood). Just spoon your partner (you can be big or little spoon), and cuddle. Then, add even more spoons to the equation by sharing a pint of Halo Top. Enjoy!

The Linguini

Do you love pasta? It's not the perfect hot weather food (I'm an ice cream gal, sorry), but it can be a great sex move. Lie down on your side with a leg under and a leg over your partner's thigh. Have them penetrate you (or you, them, with a toy or otherwise) with their hand on your back for support. This is perfect for after those long, outdoorsy days where you might just want to lie down.

The Freezing Shower

This isn't so much a sex move as a chance to cool down and clean up, but there's no reason it can't be both. Shower sex is perfect for the summer, because with this heat, you'll be taking one multiple times a day. You can have shower sex the same way you would any other standing sex, with one of you propped up against the wall (or whatever works for you). If there's a ledge, you can also have you or your partner seated while the other gives oral sex. So many options!

Mirror Sex

Mirror sex is sex in front of a mirror, which honestly, is kinkier than you might think. Summer is a time for outdoor activities, so you may be feeling especially great about your body (and your partner's) this summer. Of course, there's no reason to not love your body year-round, but if you've both put in the work for bikini season, reap the rewards by getting an extra view during sex!

The Backdoor Oral

If you can't guess what this position is, you might not have been thinking about it long enough. Backdoor oral is when you deliver or receive oral sex via the anus (the "backdoor"). Summer is a time for trying new things, so if you haven't had this particular sensation before, maybe you want to give it a try on vacation!

Beach Doggy

If you're going to have sex on a beach (which is sandier than you might think, so be careful about hygiene), doggy-style is the way to go. Both of you are propped up slightly more than you would be in other positions, so you're less likely to get send anywhere painful. Have you or your partner turn around and kneel, while the other penetrates you from behind. Hide in the dunes and cuddle after — you never want to miss a chance to enjoy the beach!

If you're going on vacation soon, you have so much to look forward to. From the beaches, to the exploration, to the delicious summer foods, you're going to have a blast. If you meet or bring a special someone and you want to experiment sexually, consider one of these nine vacation moves. And no matter what, enjoy yourself!