9 Resolutions To Make With Your Sister This New Year, Because She's Your Person

A sister is someone more special than words can ever describe. She's not only family, but if you're lucky enough to have a great relationship with her, she's your best friend. And on top of all that, she's not just a friend, she's your person — meaning your sister is pretty much your other half. She is the ying to your yang, or in the case of Grey's Anatomy, the Meredith Grey to your Cristina Yang. Your sis is the ultimate BFF, and because of that, you do essentially everything together. You're just two kindred spirits who are one in the same, which is why there are some resolutions to make with your sister this new year.

With 2018 quickly approaching, we reach high for our goals and embrace this new year with a clear mindset. There is no one else you'd rather keep you on track than your sister. Even if you live in different places, you can still help each other reach your New Year's resolutions.

You know your sister will be totally honest with you when she feels like you're losing sight of your goals, and she'll help you get back on track. She's your biggest cheerleader, and you're the same for her. So, make 2018 your year to follow through on your dreams by making one or all of these nine resolutions with your sis.

Travel More

Traveling is always something people want to do more of, but it's so much easier when you have an epic travel companion. If the timing is right, you should both finally go on that one big adventure you've been dreaming of since you were kids. Or, if you live in different places, you can make it a goal to travel and visit each other more often in the new year.

Establish Your Go-To Workout Routine

Finding a consistent workout routine that works well for you can be pretty difficult, especially if you're not about the gym. You and your sis can keep each other on track by finding a fun new class or workout routine you'll actually enjoy. It'll give you something to do together every week, while also helping you focus your body and mind.

Find More Time To Talk

Spending more time together is always something you want with your person. If you and your sister have busy schedules or don't live in the same place, it can be hard to find time to talk. Sure, you text almost every single day, but that's not enough.

If you live in the same place, establish a day to get brunch every week. If you live long-distance, schedule a day that's your go-to time to have a Skype date over dinner.

Document Your Year

We're constantly taking photos all of the time, whether it's for Instagram or Snapchat. You and your sis can make it a goal to document your entire year together through pictures and videos. At the end of the year, it'll be so much fun compiling everything into one video to see what you shared together in 2018.

Be Cheerleaders For Each Other's Work Goals

Having your sister there to cheer you on will only help you reach your goals. Even if you're embarrassed to admit what your dream is, you aren't embarrassed to tell your sis.

You both can help each other go after that promotion, or prepare for an interview with your dream company. Whatever your goal is, you know how to keep each other going.

Start A Book Club

Pick out a book you both want to read, or you can each individually choose one to go on the list. If you don't know where to begin, it's always a fun idea to go back through the Harry Potter series and take in all those nostalgic vibes. This is a great resolution for sisters who live far away, to feel closer together.

Get Thrifty Together

If you're in need of saving money in the new year, you and your sis can make a pact to get thrifty together. Help each other out by going through your closet and finding the things you don't need anymore. You can give it to each other instead of shopping for new clothes, or sell them at a second hand shop to make some extra cash.

Be An Awesome Wing Woman

Be your sister's wing woman in the new year if you're both looking for love. When it comes to dating, you can be the fairy godmother — but instead of spells, you have great advice to offer up. You know you can trust your sister to be brutally honest, and she also has that sixth sense in knowing who is right for you.

Dance A Lot More

Take a cue from Meredith and Cristina, and dance it out more. When you're stressed, dance it out. When you're upset, dance it out. When you're just looking for something fun and silly to do, dance it out! Find as much time as you can in the new year to dance like no one is watching with your favorite person.