7 New Year's Resolutions To Make With Your Best Friends When The Ball Drops

A new year will be here before you know it, and if you lagged a little bit on last year's promise, you have some making up to do. You're a team player, so you're probably wondering what New Year's resolutions to make with your friends in order for you all to keep each other on track.

These don't have to be majorly extreme, but even if they were, you'd have a dope support system that is devoted to the changes with you. You do just about everything else with your friends, so why not share several resolutions? As much as personal resolutions for yourself mean something, you may have a better chance of keeping them if you know that other people are sharing the dedication with you.

It's sort of like gym class, when your teacher would make you do timed runs and every single second when you wanted to stop, you didn't, because everyone else was panting and suffering with you. Physical education was sort of the devil. Anyway, since you and your friends likely have a few things in common, it shouldn't be too difficult to narrow down some resolutions together. There's always room to be specific, but a few of these pacts can help get you all started.

Make Healthier Life Choices

No, you do not have to be one of those people sprinting to the gym on Jan. 2. Healthier life choices could be anything, from focusing the mind and body in a new meditation class or eliminating toxic people from your life. I'm not hating on the gym, but a healthier choice doesn't have to start or end with dumbbells.

Chip Away At Those Student Loan Debts

Oh, college. We sure miss you and are definitely paying for you now. If Sallie Mae happened to shove her way into your girl pack in the last few years, make a group resolution to slowly, but surely, not include her. It certainly seems impossible at times because of interest rates and such, but you all can do it.

Forgive A Shared Enemy

Look, save the beef for burgers. Life is too short to deliberately dodge someone or give them some glorious side eye. Although, a nice side eye is means for a high-five in my book. You don't have to be buddy-buddy with this person, but forgiveness isn't for them — it's for you to move forward with a cleansed conscience.

Travel To More Places

OK, I sound like a huge hypocrite because I just talked about paying off student loans, but traveling doesn't have to cost you a crazy amount.

Traveling could mean going to the next town over and having a little road trip excursion for the day. The world is your oyster, people, and you don't necessarily have to give up the pearls to get there.

Face Your Fears

A fear could be anything. I, for example, repel clowns in any situation or circumstance. No, it is not my New Year's resolution, because I'm not that mature yet and wouldn't be able to afford that much therapy.

Seriously though, even if you have a sheet full of fears, choosing to face one of them is something to be proud of. If you do it together with your girls, it'll be that much easier to conquer.

Stop Hooking Up With An Ex Or An Undeserving Person

Many of us have been caught in that limbo of going back to what feels good at the time, but it really isn't beneficial for us afterwards or in the long run. Whether this person is an ex or just someone taking you for granted, it's time to cut the cord ASAP. Your friends are there to help discourage you from going back. You deserve the world, girlfriend, so don't think anything otherwise.

Invest In Yourself

By investing in yourself, this could mean learning a new skill or enhancing one that you keep overlooking. It's easy to get caught up in a profession that pays the bill and leaves our little dreams and aspirations on the shelf. Invest in yourself by actually listening to that little voice inside that wants you to transition your energy elsewhere for a little bit.

Every year, people drop huge loads of hopes and wants on New Year's Eve. Don't face it alone this time around, and excitedly face 2018 with your besties by your side.