Bride and groom is happy play guitar in the lawn with dog
9 Photos Of Dogs In Wedding Parties, Because It Was Woof At First Sight

by Ginny Hogan

In my opinion, dogs are a great addition to almost all events — birthdays, walks, dates, naps, and even weddings. Weddings are already a blast: You get to catch up with your pals and celebrate their love and affection for each other. If you're attending some weddings this summer and are looking for a way to share your affection, you might find it in the perfect pup (if you like dogs). And even if you're not around a dog right now, you might enjoy some of these photos of dogs at wedding parties. After all, love isn't just for the people getting married.

There's no shortage of adorable, friendly dogs who've graced wedding parties with their charm and love. I love looking at pics of weddings and pics of dogs, so finding dogs at nuptials was a great joy for me. I've always believed that dogs understand love just as well as people (if not better), based on the time my sister's pup comforted me when I had the flu — I couldn't have gotten through it without Chester's paw on my back. However, weddings are a lot more fun than the flu, and dogs really know how to brighten up a ceremony!

Read on to find nine incredible, stylish photos of dogs in weddings.

Pretty In Pink

Bride and bridesmaids in pink dresses play with little fluffy dog


The dog has the cutest scrunchie the world has ever seen.

Center Of Attention

The bride with bridesmaids embracing a small dog


Honestly, the bride was probably grateful for the break.

A Trusted Pal

Purebred Great Dane puppy ready for the wedding to start


A distinguished dog indeed.

Disinterested Dog

Young beautiful Asian bride and groom on the wedding walk through the streets of old Venice, Italy.


Clearly this dog had better things to do.

The Focus On The Dog

Wedding dog and couple celebrate


Who needs to see the faces of the people actually getting married?

Double Dog Duty

Bride and groom play with fluffy dogs standing in the forest


No such thing as too many dogs.

Wine Time, Dog Time

Guests with a small dog sitting at the table outside in the backyard.


Hopefully that puppy knows which one is its water!

Just The Dogs

dog bride and groom puppies


How's this? An actual wedding, but better.


Wedding preparation. Bride, bridesmaids and little dog at wedding morning


Sure, a stylist is handy, but have you ever considered just having your dog there?

Weddings are already pretty great, but if you're a puppy person, a dog can make everything better. No matter what type of wedding you want to have and whether or not you have your own pet, you can enjoy the adorable dogs in these photos. And if you are attending some weddings this summer, have fun! Keep it in style, just like these pups.