You Have To See These Dogs Dressed Up In Bunny Ears Living Their Best Easter Lives

It's Easter, y'all, and if you haven't sent me pictures of your pets in bunny ears or carrying around a basket of eggs, feel free to do that now. In the meantime, I'll just go ahead and look at these photos of dogs in bunny ears for Easter 2019. If you're wondering, yes, I am at a Easter party and no, I will not be getting off my phone to interact with any non-pup beings until I see all the doggos in bunny ears.

On Sunday, April 21, a Twitter Moment highlighted a bunch of photos of dogs celebrating Easter, and I have to admit, these dogs are more creative than I am. Some of them are sporting adorable bunny ears, making it hard to tell if they were a dog disguised as a rabbit or a rabbit disguised as a dog. Others, like a trio of pugs, are dressed up as different colored easter eggs, because hunting for sentient eggs is much more interesting than hunting for inanimate eggs. One pup even got dressed up as a bunny and sat in a box of Easter goodies complete with Easter eggs, a stuffed duck, and lots of decorative confetti.

So hopefully you can pause your Easter festivities for just a moment to enjoy these adorable puppos that Twitter has truly blessed us with.

While this year's pet Easter outfits definitely take the holiday to the next level, it's definitely also worth checking out all the looks from Easter 2018 which include tiny doggos falling asleep with their bunny ears on, cats posing in front of Easter baskets, cats begrudgingly tolerating a set of human-imposed ears, and more pet-related goodness.

In case you missed it, there was even a bunny commercial try-out for pets this year. Cadbury, the company that makes the famous and delicious Cadbury Eggs, was looking to replace the iconic Easter bunny this year and launched a casting campaign on National Pet Day. Cats, dogs, horses, turtles, pigs, and cows were all eligible for a chance at stardom in the Cadbury campaign, and all contestants needed to do to enter was snap a picture of their furry friend wearing bunny ears and write out a brief reason their pets deserved a shot at Cadbury fame. Though the competition is closed for this year, keep an eye out for similar contests next year — you never know if Cadbury will want to replace their Easter animal again.

As Easter festivities take off, many news outlets are working hard to remind people that while Easter candy may be one of the highlights of the holiday, it isn't always appropriate to feed it to your furry friend. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and Xylitol, the chemical sometimes found in jelly beans, gums, or mints can cause low blood sugar and possibly liver failure, according to an ABC Florida affiliate's post on how to keep your pets safe.

I don't know about you, but I'm off to look up more photos of animals decked out for the holiday. Happy Easter, everyone!