9 People Reveal The Most Thoughtful Thing Their Partner Has Done For Them, So Take Notes

One of the best parts about being in a relationship with the SO of your dreams is having someone who knows exactly how to put a smile on your face. Finding a partner who's willing to go above and beyond to make you happy, often when you least expect it, is priceless. The most thoughtful things partners have done for their baes (according to the folks on Reddit) really are so unbelievably sweet.

Sometimes, making it through the day can be really tough depending on what's going on in your life. And if you're coping with a situation that's got you down, partners who spend the extra time and effort to figure out what makes you tick are what real-life fairytales are made of, folks. It doesn't matter if they spend a ton of money or nothing at all — knowing you are truly loved by being on the receiving end of a thoughtful gift or action is such an amazing feeling. Especially when the special gesture is linked to something meaningful you've shared, like a memorable moment, special holiday, inside joke, or even just a comment you made about liking a particular thing in passing. Here are some exceptionally thoughtful things people have done for their partners.

A Celebration Of Perfect Timing
He bought me a Bulova precisionist watch. I am not the type of woman who wants expensive things, but the reason he bought me it is because of what type of watch it is. The precisionist watch is the worlds best chronograph with the most precise time. And he bought it for me because he talked about how I came back into his life at the perfect time :)


The Best Replacement
I lost my favorite necklace a couple months after we started dating while I was playing ultimate frisbee; it was really delicate and the chain broke at some point during a game, and I wasn't ever able to find it because it probably got completely trampled into the grass. I was really distraught and he was so empathetic about it; he even offered to go to the field to look for it with me, but then it rained and after that it was pretty much a lost cause.
So for Christmas, he had one of his friends that works as a jeweler make me a new chain and pendant similar in style to the one I'd lost. It's not quite the same as my old one, but it was incredibly thoughtful of him to try to replace it and it's much more my style, anyways.


A Practical Christmas Gift
The first Christmas when we were dating, he took me to REI to buy a pair of good hiking shoes. We had been going on hikes together but all I had at that time were some crappy old gym sneakers. Both of us were in grad school at that time and didn't have a ton of extra money. But he was willing to spend $100 to ensure that I had comfortable feet and quality shoes! I thought it was so cute, and he insisted that he was just being selfish because he wanted to go on more hikes.


The Keys To The Code
For the first few months of our relationship, I would send him love letters that were encoded. I had a lot of fun trying to stump him, and he had a lot of fun decoding them. The most thoughtful gift he ever gave me was a website that he wrote, himself, that decodes all of the different code types I've sent him. Now I can go onto the site, encode any message I want, and send it to him. And he can encode and decode as well. We still send love letters that way.


Popping A Question
When he moved from his town to my town in his new house, we had a celebratory supper of pizza and champagne in Dixie cups after unpacking all his stuff from the uhaul. When I went to grab a Dixie cup from the stack to pour some in, the cup had "Move in?" written on it. I think my jaw immediately dropped and I got goosebumps.
*Turns out he wrote it on all the cups because he wasn't sure which one I would take!

— u/rstan25

Memorializing A Beloved Pet
I had this hamster that I LOVED but he died and I was heartbroken. Everyone who knows me knows I was obsessed with that little fucker. After he died I was pretty depressed and then one day I got an email saying my hamster had been accepted into the hamster astronaut program. He had signed him up for it without telling me so it would be a surprise. It was such a small thing to do but was totally sweet and unexpected. I just imagine this big tough man on his laptop signing up a little dwarf hamster to be a hamsternaut to make a girl smile. It worked.


A Meaningful Visit
6 months into the relationship, I was really upset because I missed my sister who was away for school. Neither of us could afford the plane ticket. He surprised me and got her to fly here. I was living with roommates back then and didn't have any room for my sister. He insisted us to stay at his studio, he went to his friend's house for the week. I love that man so much.


Last Months With A Friend
My dog (who I had for many years before I even met my SO) got sick out of nowhere. After multiple vet appointments, blood tests, etc. they finally diagnosed a spleen tumor. Even though we knew going in it would be fatal (due to the type of cancer), he paid 3K for my boy to have emergency surgery so I could have two more good months with him and I couldn't afford to do it myself at the time.

— u/kd1220

A Perfect Paint Job
We signed a lease on an apartment together, and we did it earlier than we needed to move so we'd have time to leisurely move in. I told him I was heading over to paint the living room one day, and when I got there after work, there was an enormous bouquet of flowers in the middle of the floor with a box of Cadbury caramel eggs (my absolute favorite snack) and a note that he hid more around the apartment. Painting with pretty flowers and plenty of caramel eggs was way better than just painting!


Seriously, if you didn't get the urge to tear up during at least one of those then I don't know what to tell you. Love is so sweet, especially, when it's shared with someone who's devoted to making your day brighter.

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