9 Naughty & Nice Gift Ideas, Because We're All A Little Bit Of Sugar & Spice

It's kind of unfair for Santa to categorize us as naughty or nice, because deep down, aren't we all a little bit of sugar and spice? There should seriously be a list in between the two. Needless to say, it's perfectly OK to ask Santa to put you on both lists this year and ask for something that is nice but also has a little touch of naughty. And if you want to get some of your own gift giving out of the way, there are a bunch of naughty and nice gift ideas that are perfect for friends or that special someone you want to cuddle with close this season.

These are the gifts you want to receive that are a little bit sexy, a little bit boozy, or a whole lot of something you would never ask your parents to get you. If you're looking for a nice gift with just a hint of naughty in there, here are nine ideas to consider. And hey, if you've already gotten all of your holiday shopping out of the way for your people, why not treat yourself to something you know you'll love? No matter what, you can embrace both the good and the naughty side this holiday season, because it just wouldn't be fun without either of them.

These Boozy Twinkies
Wasted Desserts

Wasted Alcoholic "Twinkies", $42 a dozen, Wasted Desserts

These aren't your typical Twinkies — they're boozy and totally naughty. If you're 21 and up, Wasted Desserts offers an assortment of cupcakes, brownies, whoopie pies, and cake pops all with an alcoholic twist. Your sweet tooth will certainly appreciate them with a glass of dessert wine.

A Massage Oil Candle

Afterglow Massage Oil Candle, $29, Jimmyjane

This is a two in one gift that doubles as both a scented candle, and a luxurious massage oil. It's a perfect gift idea for the two in one person on your list who is both naughty and nice.

The candle comes in bourbon, cucumber water, pink lotus, and dark vanilla. It can be great mood lighting and a massage oil that you can use with your partner, or just a relaxing candle that you can pamper your skin with after getting out of the bath.

Portable Wine Glasses
Wine Enthusiast

Goverre Portable Stemless Wine Glass Set (Set of 4), $84, Wine Enthusiast

When you're on the go but want to bring your wine with you, these portable wine glasses are just too perfect for words. The set comes in four fun colors, and it's great for any picnic you're planning, but don't want to carry a giant bottle of wine with you.

These Cannabis Oil Bath Bombs

Cannabis Oil Bath Bombs, $8, Etsy

For your bestie who totally follows the treat yo self mentality, you can gift her these cannabis-scented bath bombs. Four bombs come in each pack, so it's a gift your friend can enjoy multiple times. These bath bombs contain essential oil, cannabis oil, and hemp oil, and do not contain THC.

A SkivvieBox Subscription

SkivvieBox Subscription, $59 a month, SkivvieBox

Subscription boxes were made for those of us who truly love a sweet surprise. Now, you can add in the lust factor with a SkivvieBox subscription. Once a month, you'll receive designer lingerie delivered straight to your doorstep. Happy holidays to you.

A Love Kit

Mybunny Lovekits, $20, Bunnyjuice

Bunnyjuice offers a love kit for him or for her that includes condoms, lube, and either a massage sleeve or a vibrator. This is a great gift for your partner or your hookup. It's pretty much a win win, because it's something for them, but also a gift for you.

Red Sangria Lipstick

Wine Lipstick, $12, Etsy

If you've always wanted a lip color to match the wine you're drinking, then this is the perfect lipstick for you. The red sangria color is such a deep red, that you'll have that "red lip, classic thing" going on that Taylor Swift sings about. It also spotlights a red wine flavor that'll hold you over until happy hour.

This THC Cannabis Molecule Necklace

THC Cannabis Molecule Necklace, $15, Etsy

Many people probably won't even know that what's hanging around your neck is actually the cannabis molecule. It comes in gold, silver, and a rose gold color that we're obsessed with.

A Naughty And Nice Christmas Sweatshirt

Naughty And Nice Christmas Sweatshirt, $23, Etsy

Don't hold back telling the world that you're both naughty and nice in this cozy sweatshirt. The off-the-shoulder look is super adorable. You can wear it to any Christmas sweater party you're attending this season, or rock it for your girls' night in plans.