9 Myths About Dorm Life That'll Instantly Make You Less Scared Of Your RA

When you're heading off to college, you deserve to enter with a clear head. You shouldn't let myths about the next four years of your life impact your decisions — especially your living situation. Are you calling the dorms your home sweet home this year? Let's debunk myths about dorm life before you end up believing your room is haunted, or your RA is out to get you.

You're going to have roommates. You can still sing in the shower and stash your favorite midnight snacks in the pantry. Depending on your personality and relationship with them, you may end up sharing those Flamin' Hot Cheetos and Oreos.

Are there rules in the dorms? Most definitely. I mean, how absurd would it be to let a bunch of kids, barely given their adult wings, the right to fly all over the place? Be thankful for those rules. Also, stay away from movies that depict this college culture that isn't completely accurate.

There will be times when you get locked out of your room, or you're forced to safe harbor the delicious leftovers you have from when you went home over the weekend. The situations will vary, but they'll be your own. Myths can be entertaining to hear, but don't let these nine make you nervous about the dorm life.

At Least One Of The Dorm Rooms Is Haunted

With this myth, you'll convince yourself that every creak or unexplained noise in your dorm means you live in a haunted one. There's a 99 percent chance that not a single dorm at your college is haunted. Now, do haunted dorm rooms and campuses exist in the entire world? Sure they do, but don't scare yourself.

You Have To Share Everything You Own With Your Roommates

Your dorm might be a lot smaller than what you're used to, but your things are still your own. Share what you want, but don't feel like everything has to be up for grabs. Sharing is caring — sometimes.

Your RA Is Seriously Out To Get You

Sit back for a second and realize that your RA is human. They have a job to do, and it happens to include telling you to turn the music down or letting you back in when you're locked out. Let them do their job.

You're Not Really Living Independently

People may brush off your dorm life as not really living as a grown-up with your new-found independence. You pay for it, right? A form of rent sounds like a pretty adult thing to do to me.

Your Dorm Room Automatically Has An Open-Door Policy

Yes, there's a lot of freedom that comes along with college, but that does not include the freedom to walk in and out of each other's dorm rooms. You don't have to worry about a stranger popping in while you're singing '90s R&B in the kitchen. Locks still exist, even in college.

It's Every Floor For Itself

You can chill with anyone from any floor. Will you build a close bond with your floor buddies? Of course, but the peeps on the other floors are just as cool, too.

You're More Likely To Study In The Dorms

Distractions are everywhere, even in the dorms. Whatever you use to concentrate will still be relevant. I mean, the library and cafe down the street aren't so bad, right?

You Can Decorate However You Want

Remember that tidbit I mentioned about rules? You can't just plaster, paint, or post anything you want in your dorm room. Although, that hunky poster of your favorite celeb is going up, no matter what.

It's Cheaper Than Living Out On Your Own

The way college is set up these days, this is not entirely true. You could have an apartment with the same amount of roommates off campus for sometimes way less than the dorms. The dorms are very much "the full college experience" people go on about. For many of us, Sallie-Mae is still our roommate for an unknown amount of time in the post-grad life.

Dorm life or not, be comfortable in the living space you're calling home during the school year. Myths are surefire way to keep you up at night, so ditch them ASAP.