7 Most Haunted Dorms Throughout The Country That Will Keep You Up At Night


It's that time of year where you willingly allow yourself to get scared by the circulation of terrifying stories. Sadly, the college experience is not exempt from tales of the paranormal. Every place has a history, and the place you call home during your four years in college is included. These most haunted colleges throughout the country are no joke, but institutions have no choice but to continue operations despite the tales that linger there.

Dorm rooms are already a task within themselves. Just think, you put all this energy into making this place like home and it's already home to tales of creepy people. I mean, who asked for a ghost roommate? I'm pretty sure that wasn't written in the small print of your contract, but what are you going to do? Some colleges have embraced the cringe-worthy stories of the past and accepted that there may actually still be a presence on campus property. If you can't beat them, join them, amiright?

Now, before you part your lips to complain about the squeaky bunk bed you share with your roommate, imagine unexplained laughs from children or ladies dressed in all black paying your room a visit. That squeak ain't so bad now, is it? The afterlife and what remains will always be a mystery to the living, but if you ask some of the people who claim they've actually experienced these surreal, paranormal encounters in these college dorms, there's nothing mysterious about it. It's real.

No matter how much we try to deny the terrifying stories that may keep us up at night, they'll always prevail. We're mostly afraid of how many of the stories are actually true. So, if you thought college dorms were the least likely to house ghosts or some kind of haunting, think again, because you may have some unexpected roommates.

1. Wilson Hall At Ohio University In Athens, Ohio

Stefano Pollio/Unsplash

Believe it or not, but a room at this college hall has actually been blocked off... permanently. How scary is that?! After numerous people claiming they heard voices and other creepy paranormal activities, room 428 was closed off for good. Talk about the real deal.

2. Clark Hall At SUNY College In Cortland, New York


It is said that a ghost has been seen lurking in Clark Hall. He has been identified as a football player who still wears his school uniform. A gash is also apparently visible above his eyebrow. No one has ever really been able to pinpoint who the ghost could be or why he chooses this hall at this college in particular.

3. Peabody Hall At Miami University In Oxford, Ohio

Ilkin Zeferli/Unsplash

This hall at Miami University — named after Helen Peabody, the former principal of the Western College for Women — is said to house her ghost to this very day. Apparently, she was very irritated by Miami men's pranks on female students during the 19th century. It is said that she pays visits to keep an eye on the women.

4. Shelton Hall At Boston University In Boston, Massachusetts


American playwright Eugene O'Neill actually died on this fourth floor when it was a residential hotel back in the day. His ghost is said to walk the halls of the dorm, and several paranormal activities have been reported. I wouldn't want to be the RA for this floor, that's for sure.

5. Savannah College Of Art And Design In Savannah, Georgia


Oglethorpe House has been coated in some crazy ghost stories. It can be hard to derive which one or if all of them could possibly have happened at this one destination. One story is that the ghost of a girl named Gracie Watkins, who is buried in a nearby cemetery, appears in the dorms and in the hallways.

6. Berry Hall At College Of Charleston In Charleston, South Carolina


This dorm hall in Charleston was built where an orphanage once stood. In the 1900s, a fire broke out in the orphanage and four children died of smoke inhalation. When the doors of Berry Hall were re-opened in 1991, false fire alarms started blasting, and reports of children laughing late in the evening and the sound of rolling marbles on the floor were also noted.

7. Voorhees Hall At Coe College In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Yupa Watchanakit/Shutterstock

It is said that a student named Helen Robert was staying in this hall her freshman year until she caught influenza. She passed away in the infirmary in October 1918. She apparently still haunts this hall trying to reclaim the college life she didn't get to experience because of her tragic death.

OK, spooky doesn't even begin to describe these places, but of course who doesn't like hearing them?College life just got a tad more interesting as you peg in tales of death that may have occurred there.