These Festival-Inspired Party Ideas Will Make You Feel Like You're At Coachella

Festival season is great, but when you're broke AF, it can be such a struggle. Not only do you have to shell out for tickets, travel, and a dope outfit or two — but you also might need to take some precious days off of work. It all adds up, and before you know it, your wallet is cringing. Of course, it's totally worth it if you're able to swing it, but for the rest of us who are stuck at home, the FOMO can be too much to handle. But, don't fret. For those of us who aren't able to dish out the cash, we can throw an awesome party with music festival party ideas right at home.

With the right tunes, decor, and activities, you'll be feeling like you're at Coachella without actually having to travel to California. Plus, at this party, you'll get to hang with all of your friends, and not just the ones who can make it out to a music festival. Pretty much, a festival party is a great idea whether you're going to one this year or not. It will totally get you in the spirit before you head out to Coachella or Lollapalooza, and it will also feed your need for a festival when you're totally broke. So, start party planning ASAP with these nine ideas.

DIY Teepee For Your Guests To Lounge In
hairodynamic on YouTube

Glamping is a big part of some of these overnight festivals in the desert. You'll see a bunch of chic tents all around, so if you're throwing a festival party, you really need your very own tie dye teepee. Not only will it be a great place for your friends to hang out in, but it also serves as a super cute backdrop for your pictures. Grab a bunch of brightly-colored blankets to give your entire party a boho chic feel.

Make Flower Crowns For All Of Your Best Buds
thatdoolittle on Twitter

At a festival party, everyone needs a flower crown. Either make the crowns ahead of time for all of your guests, or have your friends make their own at the party with an assortment of fake flowers from a craft store, or use fresh ones. You'll definitely want to take a lot of selfies in yours.

Hang String Lights Everywhere For A Totally Lit Party
sh3vlin on Twitter

It's not a rager without some string lights hung everywhere, am I right? These lights will definitely give your backyard a magical feel as you and your friends dance the night away to a festival playlist you made. The more colorful the lights, the better — like these marble globe string lights from Walmart.

A Neon Dream Photo Booth Is Perfect For Pics
zoeyangsm on Twitter

You need a photo booth for your party to snap away some Insta-worthy pics of you and your friends — but it can't be just any photo booth. To tie into the festival theme, you need a neon one!

Hang up some colorful decorations — maybe even some dream catchers like the ones above — and blast a black light on your booth. Find some glow-in-the-dark body paint on Amazon for people to use, so when your friends take pictures, they will glow, too.

Make Temporary Tattoos For Everyone To Tat It Up In Style
Hermione Chantal on YouTube

Temporary tattoos are staple accessories for a music festival. It's a great way to bring more color to your look, so you definitely need these DIY tats for your party. Pre-make a bunch of fun ones for your friends, so when they get to the party, they can add some extra coolness to their outfits. Or, make a bunch for your friends to take home with them as party favors.

Glow Sticks Will Make Your Heart Glow
rykas on Twitter

When you and your friends are dancing the night away to your festival tunes, you need some glow sticks. It's so much fun cracking them and seeing the light start to shine through. Not only are the sticks necessary, but you also need the bracelets and necklaces for your friends to wear.

Bring The Desert To Your Backyard With Some Cacti
outdoor_sherman on Twitter

A lot of music festivals take place in the desert, so bring that vibe to your backyard with some cacti and succulents decorated all around. Use your cacti as the centerpiece for your snack table, or use them to surround your tents. If you wanted to take it up a notch, decorate the pots with some colorful paint in a cool design.

Serve Up Summery Cocktails
YAMU TV on YouTube

Throwing your own festival party at home is so much sweeter when summery cocktails are involved. Hit up YouTube for a few tutorials, and serve up some of your favorite sips — if you're 21 and up. I don't know about you, but I'm totally here for anything with coconut, watermelon, or lime. Yum!

Make Colorful Throw Pillows
BuzzFeed Nifty on YouTube

Along with your teepee and blankets, you'll need some throw pillows for your guests to lounge around with. This DIY is a smart way to take the pillows you already have at home, and make them totally waterproof for the outside. It's cheap and easy, which are two of my favorite things.