9 Majestic Costume Ideas For The Mermaid Goddess In Us All

No offense, Ariel, but girl, you got it all wrong. Being a human is OK, but I’d much rather be chilling where the mermaids are. In fact, I believe we have a little mermaid goddess in all of us who wants to break free. Who doesn’t want gorgeous, long locks of hair and to swim in the ocean all day long without a care in the world? You really should have listened to Sebastian, Ariel, because under the sea is the place to be. Until we can find our own sea witch to transform us into one of those magical goddesses, we’ll just have to settle on being one for Halloween. There are some mermaid costume ideas out there that are absolutely stunning.

Obviously, we care about the mermaid hair, but you can’t forget all of the little details, from the tail to the shells. You can also create a cool makeup look with all of the glitter and gems your heart desires. To me, my heart desires all the glitter I can get my hands on, but it's totally up to you. If you need some help with your majestic mermaid look, here are nine costume ideas you can use for some inspiration. Every mermaid is different, so make it your own. Everyone at the party will have no idea what’s about to hit them when you show up in your awesome mermaid goddess look this Halloween.

This Purple And Teal Look Is Downright Gorgeous
Ben J Bourne on Twitter

Any combination of pastel colors makes for a magical mermaid look, but I'm a major fan of the purple and teal duo. Work the colors throughout your costume, from your hairstyle to your clothes. I seriously love the purple mermaid lips with teal lip liner, and you can find any color your heart desires in an NYX store.

Shiny Scale Tights Are A Must

If you don't want to go for the traditional green scale skirt or leggings, you can create your own mermaid tail look with DIY iridescent tights. You can look for a pair of white fishnet tights, and glue some iridescent circles on them (which you can find at your local craft store). I love the way the light reflects off of them, giving us a beautiful hint of pink, purple, and blue.

Simple DIY Scales On Your Face
Monica Rose on YouTube

When you look at these mermaid scales, you probably would have never guessed they were created by putting fishnets on your face. This DIY tutorial is super simple, and breaks down the makeup step-by-step. You can use a pair of fishnet tights you already have, or if you're getting a mermaid wig for your costume, you can use the wig cap that comes with it.

A DIY Shell Crown
Julia Salvia on YouTube

If you're looking to be a mermaid queen, you can create your own shell crown. This is as simple as gluing on shells to a headband that you already have. You can easily find an assortment of shells at your local craft store, or if you live by the beach, you can make an adventure out of it by collecting your own shells.

Who Needs A Sea Witch When You Can Make Your Own Mermaid Tail?
Hannah Knight on YouTube

This video tutorial shows you how you can make your own tail and shell bra. As long as you have a pencil skirt already at home, you use that as a pattern to create a mermaid cut skirt for a tail. You can even find some shiny mermaid scale foil at Jo-Ann's to take it a step further.

This Shell Bra Is A Bedazzled Dream Come True
Michelle Lough on YouTube

I love to bedazzle, so this looks like the craft project of my dreams. You can take any bra you have and hot glue some rhinestones, pearls, and shells on it to create this beautiful mermaid shell bra. Whoever said less is more clearly didn't have a glue gun and rhinestones sitting in front of them, because it's obvious the more, the better.

Use What You Have In Your Closet
Treatbowself on Twitter

If you're not looking to spend a lot of money this Halloween, you can always look in your closet for an Ariel-inspired DisneyBound look. DisneyBound is where you wear everyday clothes, but in the same color scheme, inspired by the Disney character of your choice. So, you can search for a purple top and green bottoms in your closet to create this perfect Ariel look. You can always throw on a pair of glasses, too, and say you're hipster Ariel.

Mesmerizing Mermaid Nail Art
The Nails Queen on YouTube

If you're looking to go all out, you can even make your nails mermaid-inspired. I don't know about you guys, but I love anything that's sparkly and full of glitter. If you're like me and not too successful at painting your nails, you can always purchase a pair of mermaid press on nails on Etsy.

Mermaid Ombre Hair
Mickylene Delgado on YouTube

When it comes to being a mermaid, you cannot skip out on the mermaid hair. If you don't want to wear a wig, you can always dye your hair. I love this ombre look, and how the colors blend into each other perfectly. Manic Panic has an assortment of vibrant hair colors that I'm absolutely in love with.