9 'Harry Potter'-Themed Things To Do With Your Fellow Potterheads In The Fall

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There's something about fall that has you filled with nostalgia and longing for your Hogwarts acceptance letter to finally arrive in the mail. You want to feel cozy with the change in weather, so break out your house-themed scarf and fly into the wizarding world by planning a bunch of Harry Potter things to do in the fall with your besties.

I truly believe that fall and Harry Potter are MFEO like Hermione and Ron. It's the time of year where you would be taking the Hogwarts Express to school anyway, so why not revisit your favorite books and movies? I'm always looking for an excuse to hang out with my friends, and this fall, I want to fill up my weekends with back-to-back fun.

If your very own Hogwarts letter somehow got lost in the owl delivery, that doesn't mean you can't still experience a little bit of magic. All you need to do is get your fellow Potterheads together and do any of these nine Harry Potter-inspired activities. Some of the activities on this list are a must for any fan to try at least once, so go ahead and solemnly swear you'll be "up to no good" this season.

Visit The Wizarding World In Florida Or California
Rachel Chapman

Every Potterhead has to put a visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida or California on their bucket list. Being in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley really does make you feel like you stepped right into your favorite movies. Purchase your very own wand from Ollivanders, visit Hogwarts, and check out Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

Drink A Butterbeer Latte

Butterbeer is one of those things you always wished you could try, and now's your chance. It may not be coming directly from Hogsmeade, but browse Pinterest to find a recipe you can test out at home.

Throw A Baking Party To Enjoy Sweets From Honeydukes

If you're a passionate foodie, you might want to host a baking party at home. Gather all the wizarding world recipes you want to try, like pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs. It'll be like you went to Honeydukes yourself and bought everything your heart desires.

Reread All The 'Harry Potter' Books

The cold weather may make you want to snuggle up on the couch with a good book. Of course, you could always start a new book, but why not revisiting the Harry Potter series all over again? It's just that good that it deserves several revisits.

Host A Movie Night With Pumpkin-Flavored Popcorn

Marathon the entire Harry Potter series with your besties. Make sure everyone dresses up in their house team colors. Then, pop some pumpkin-flavored popcorn for a festive treat.

Put Together A Halloween Costume Of Your Favorite Character
Rachel Chapman

With Halloween right around the corner, you should start prepping your costume. If you're totally blanking on what to be this year, you could always go as your favorite Harry Potter character. You can even get a group costume going with your best friends. Just don't forget to snap a group selfie with the caption "I Siriusly love my witches."

Host A Dinner Party Worthy Of A Great Hall Feast

Host a dinner party fit for your entire crew. Have everyone bring over their favorite dish. It'll be like your very own Great Hall feast. You could even purchase a bunch of battery-operated candlesticks and hang them from the ceiling to give your party major Hogwarts vibes.

Put Together A Quidditch Game With Your Friends

Most people think of fall as football season, but you know it's also Quidditch time. Get your friends together for a Quidditch game in the park. You could even make your very own Quidditch Cup for the winning team to take home.

Rock A Cozy Sweater Just Like Ron's Homemade Weasley Sweater
Rachel Chapman

Who could forget Ron's Christmas sweater that Mrs. Weasley knitted for him? I love it so much that I bought my very own version of it. Fall is the perfect time to break out your cozy oversized sweaters to wear on the regular. If you're a seamstress, you could even knit your own Weasley-inspired jumper with your initial on the front.

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