9 Eggnog Protein Shakes If You're Feeling Festive Post-Workout

The holidays can be a terrible time to keep up with that diet and workout routine. There are so many delicious treats left and right like cookies, hot chocolate, and peppermint everything. You want to indulge, but you also have to remember to stay on track. You know that eggs are a great source of protein for your post-workout shake or smoothie. You can easily find a happy medium between indulging in the holiday festivities, and keeping healthy by making an eggnog protein shake. There are actually a lot of eggnog protein shake recipes that you can find that will keep you in the holiday spirit while staying active.

You can take that protein shake you were going to make anyway, and jazz it up with holiday spirit by using eggnog. These nine eggnog protein shake and smoothie recipes are drinks we can really get egg-cited about. They are easy to follow recipes that will keep you holly and jolly all month long without breaking a sweat. An eggnog protein shake post-workout is a treat that could motivate you to run that extra mile. Here are just a few recipes to try this holiday season if you find yourself with leftover eggnog and the desire to get a little creative.

Bodybuilding Eggnog Shake
Michael Kory on YouTube

This recipe doesn't take many ingredients at all to make. It's super simple, so you can whip up a shake right after your workout. You don't have to put any extra effort in after you exercise to then treat yourself.

Muscle Building Eggnog Protein Shake
leanbodylifestyle on YouTube

This recipe makes two servings, so you can either save the second one for a second workout or share it with your workout buddy. I say save it, but I guess the holidays are all about sharing. This recipe creates a thicker protein shake for you if you're looking for something heavier and more filling.

Eggnog Shake With A Hint Of Banana
fine physiques on YouTube

This recipe take a little bit of banana in it to give it a little fruity kick. It also adds a little more to the texture of the shake. This is great for anyone looking for an extra dose of potassium after working out.

Raw Eggnog Protein Shake
Easy Real Recipes on YouTube

This recipe is the first that uses actual eggs. An eggnog protein shake with real eggs has a lot of protein in it, so you can even have this shake for breakfast. Just a little warning, they are a great source of protein, but when consuming raw eggs, you should always be careful.

Pumpkin Eggnog Protein Shake
Glutes N Glam on YouTube

This is a pumpkin pie eggnog protein shake. That sounds like a holiday dream come true. This recipe is definitely the first on my list to try out this season.

High Protein Eggnog
Quest Nutrition on YouTube

If you don't have a blender at home, don't worry! This recipe doesn't use a blender to make a delicious eggnog protein drink. This is more a traditional eggnog treat that you can enjoy after a workout when you want to class it up, holiday style.

Protein Eggnog With A Rum Kick
Protein Treats on YouTube

The rum extract in this recipe will give your eggnog protein shake the added kick. It creates the taste of a boozy eggnog without the alcohol, so everyone can enjoy this eggnog protein drink. There's only about 99 calories in each serving, so you can drink away guilt-free.

Chocolate Eggnog Protein Smoothie
TheSmoothieChannel on YouTube

Did you say chocolate eggnog? Yes, please. This is for the chocolate lovers. It uses chocolate protein powder, where the rest of these recipes use original or vanilla-flavored protein powder. It gives it an extra fun flavor you need to try.

Eggnog Protein Shake With Oats & Pistachio Butter
Get Fed Nutrition on YouTube

This is truly a unique take on the eggnog protein shake recipe. Instead of cinnamon and nutmeg, this recipe uses pistachio butter and oats. It's an interesting take on the shake that you'd have to be absolutely nutty not to try.