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80 Group Chat Names For Your Cheerleading Squad That Show All The Team Spirit

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A team works best because everyone's on the same page with practice, competitions, and, let's be real, in the group chat. While your routine may be solid, you also need some group chat names for cheerleaders to make texting on point. Your team chat is useful for nailing down practice times, confirming which uniform you're wearing to the game, and getting together to have some fun.

So show off your team spirit when it comes to choosing a clever group chat name. You need something that's as vibrant as your pom-poms. Choose a punny name if your group chat is mostly used for sending funny cheerleading memes and group selfies back and forth. You might even find a pun that goes along with your school's mascot. Although, you can also go with an inside joke that fits your team's vibe.

Just like any stunt, a solid base is necessary to pull everything together within your group. So, consider a group chat name the base you need to help your convos soar. You're pretty much on the same page about everything else, so choosing a name won't be hard. All you need to do is send this list of 80 cheerleading group chat names to your squad for inspiration, and see which one stands out.

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1. We Cheer A Latte

2. From The Top

3. Let's Fly

4. Fly Flyers

5. Catch Me If You Can

6. Bring The Base In

7. Jump In

8. Showin' Our Spirit

9. No Fear In Fierce

10. 5, 6, 7, 8...

11. Brr, It's Cold In Here — Bring It On

12. Bring It On

13. Don't Drop The Spirit Stick

14. These Are Spirit Fingers — Bring It On

15. Cheer Squad Goals

16. Shake It Off — Taylor Swift, "Shake It Off"

17. Stunt Buildin'

18. Lifting My Spirits

19. We've Got Spirit

20. Meet Me At The Mat

21. Frequent Flyer

22. The Pom-Poms

23. Friday Nights And Field Lights

24. You Can't Stunt With Us

25. Squad Comes First

26. Yes, We're Loud

27. I Need More Bows

28. The Higher The Pony, The Better

29. Leave It On The Dance Floor

30. Shake Your Pom-Poms

31. Shaking Things Up

32. Bad To The Bow

33. One Team One Dream

34. Mermaid To Cheer

35. Why Run When You Can Flip

36. Friday Night Lights Squad

37. The Dream Team

38. [Insert Mascot] Pride

39. Started From The Bottom Now We're Cheer

40. Sprit Squad

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41. We're The Champs

42. Frequent Flyers

43. Practice Makes Perfect

44. CHEERios

45. Take It To The Mat

56. Flippin' Fun

57. Cheerleading Is Our Life

58. Cheer Up Buttercup

59. Spreading Some Cheer

60. We Scream For Ice Cream

61. Champions Only

62. Don't Forget To Stretch

63. Winners Club

64. You Can't Cheer With Us

65. Work Hard, Dream Big

66. My Boos With Spirit

67. Cheer Camp Queens

68. Give It Your All Or Muffin At All

69. Make The Routine *Pop*

70. A Beary Good Team

71. Cheers My Dears

72. We've Got That Team Spirit

73. This Is A Cheerocracy — Bring It On

74. Cheer Life

75. Getcha Head In The Game — High School Musical

76. Cheer Is Our Favorite Season

77. Probably At Practice

78. Cheer Hard Or Go Home

79. Cheer Vibes Only

80. Bringing The Best

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