8 Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas For The Astrology Lover In Your Life

If you have a zodiac-loving, stargazing BFF in your life, you probably have a general idea of what you want to get them for the holidays. The only problem is there are so many awesome zodiac sign gift ideas you could give your bestie, that the possibilities can become a tad overwhelming. Don't give up just yet. Take a cue from the Taurus in your life and be persistent. We have your back and are here for you (just like a reliable Virgo) with some gift ideas for you to peruse.

You can find just about anything your friend would need with a zodiac sign on it — from zodiac jewelry and home goods, to even clothing. You pretty much just have to think of what your friend needs, and there's probably a version with her zodiac sign on it. It's as simple as that!

If your friend isn't giving you any hints about what she wants or needs, here are eight cute gift ideas any astrology lover would want in her collection. I guess we're optimistic like a Sagittarius, but it must be fate that the stars are aligning so perfectly for the ultimate holiday gift for you to give your friend this Christmas. Now, let's get shopping.

A Zodiac Constellation Necklace

Zodiac Jewelry Constellation Necklace, $37+, Etsy

These constellation necklaces are so pretty. At first glance, you might assume it's a gorgeous star design, but to have it be your friend's specific zodiac constellation is a meaningful and personalized touch to the present. You can also get your friend's initials in a star or moon shape to make it even more unique to her.

An Astrology Chart Mug

Astrology Chart Mug, $12, Anthropologie

If your friend is also a coffee lover, then one of these mugs is a great choice. The combination of cartography and astrology is super cool. The colors are also wonderful and totally chic, so everyone at work will be complimenting her mug in the break room.

A Zodiac Sign Bracelet

Zodiac Sign Bracelet, $10, Etsy

These zodiac sign bracelets are a gorgeous take on astrology jewelry. The bracelet is designed in the shape of your zodiac's constellation, so it's very subtle and elegant. Only you would know what the design is.

A Zodiac Journal

Zodiac Journal, $18, Anthropologie

This is a great notebook for anyone who loves journaling or just doodling in class. The leather cover features a beautiful design specific to your zodiac. It also comes with a rose gold pen that's definitely a must.

This Zodiac Sign Ring

Zodiac Sign Jewelry, $35, Etsy

If your friend is more of a ring girl, this is another subtle but beautiful jewelry design for a zodiac lover. Each design is specific to your sign, and you can get it in either silver, gold, or rose gold. Rose gold is a perfect choice for those millennial pink lovers.

These Zodiac Throw Pillows
Urban Outfitters

Holli Zollinger For Deny Zodiac Throw Pillow, $39, Urban Outfitters

If your friend is looking to jazz up her apartment, you can gift her a couple of zodiac sign throw pillows. She can use them on her couch, or to decorate her bedroom. The colors will make any neutral couch pop, and the designs are super cute and unique.

A Zodiac Tee
Urban Outfitters

Sugarhigh Lovestoned Tee, $76, Urban Outfitters

These Sugarhigh Lovestoned tees are super adorbs. Your friend can wear hers with a pair of jeans and booties, or tucked into a cute skirt. Either way, she'll be able to rock her sign proudly out and about.

A Zodiac Candle

Capri Blue Mini Zodiac Candle, $14, Anthropologie

Who doesn't love a chic candle from Anthropologie? You really can't go wrong with gifting these mini zodiac candles, and the soy candles come in every zodiac sign. The volcano scent is fruity mixed with mountain greens to give your friend's room a fresh aroma when she's relaxing.