Here Are The Perfect Holiday Gifts For Every Sign In The Zodiac

by Rosey Baker

The holiday season is officially here, and your brain is abuzz with selfless thoughts about what gifts you should get for your friends, family and co-workers.

It's impossible to know exactly what everyone wants, but you want to get a gift for everyone that you know they'll enjoy.

You could ask them personally, but that kind of ruins the holiday spirit. So, you have to do your best to try to listen for dropped hints or ask around.

But, ain't nobody got time for that.

While it's the thought that counts, it's way more fun to give a gift when you can tell you really knocked it out of the park.

So, we've designed this helpful guide on how to get the perfect gift for every sign in the zodiac:

Aries: Fast-paced festivities

Aries Man: They love a good battle, so anything related to one would be a thoughtful gift.

You could get him tickets to see his favorite team, a new video game or a painting of a battle scene he could frame for his home.

If you're rich, you could buy him a car that's known for speed. Aries love to go fast.

Aries Woman: Anything with an element of surprise that fulfills an Aries' need for excitement would be a great option. A day trip of bungee jumping, rock climbing or hang gliding would be fun for Aries!

Aries are also ruled by the head, so a cute racing bike or roller skates and a glittery, matching helmet would be a perfect choice.

Taurus: Sensual goodies

Taurus Man: Taurus is a homebody and a sign that loves anything to tickle the five senses.

Tickets to see live music or a nice back massager from Brookstone would be a solid gift for a Taurus. Or, you can take him to dinner at that restaurant he's been dying to check out.

Taurus Woman: Imagine you were buying a gift to match a Norah Jones song. This lady is sensual AF.

You're going need to get her something that will wow her senses like a new perfume or a night at the opera. Silk pajamas, a cashmere scarf or a beautiful shag rug are great gifts.

Oh, and don't even think about being cheap. She WILL notice.

Gemini: Communication is key

Gemini Man: Gemini men are huge communicators and are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and technology.

So, take a tip from the stars and buy him a fun communication gadget like a voice recorder, a high-tech walkie talkie or a brand new phone. He's also a huge traveler, so if you get him a new suitcase or a travel pillow, it won't go unappreciated.

Gemini Woman: Gemini women also have a deep need to communicate and are very good with their hands, so something crafty like a calligraphy set and some personalized stationary would be an excellent option.

It's also an affordable prezzie for those of you on a tight budget.

Cancer: A home-cooked holiday

Cancer Men: Cancers love to cook, so give him the gift that keeps on giving with some fun cooking classes or a cookbook with his (or your) favorite dishes in it.

Or, give him some new tools of the trade like a slow-cooker he can use to try out some new fun dishes himself.

Cancer Woman: Imagine you're buying a gift for woman decorating a haunted house.

Cancers are very connected to their ancestry, so a subscription to or a framed black-and-white photo of her long-lost relatives would really knock her socks off.

Leo: Get ready to spend

Leo Man: Get ready to shell out the dough. Leo is a sign that's all about luxury, and giving gifts is what they are best at.

So get him something you KNOW he wants because when it comes to a Leo man, listening is key.

If the gift isn't thoughtful enough, he will notice, and he's going to care. That said, every Leo is a kid inside, so one suggestion would be a fun new Gameboy or PlayStation for them to connect to their inner teenager.

Leo Woman: If you think you'll have to spend on a Leo man, you're in for a hell of a shock.

This woman thinks she is a queen, and she demands the respect of one.

If you're buying her clothes, make sure they're from an expensive designer. If it's perfume, make sure it's an imported one from France.

Only the best for the lady lion.

Virgo: Make it productive

Virgo Man: Virgo likes to stay healthy and appreciates any gift that will help him be more productive or achieve his goals.

Ask him what he's working on lately, and take your cues from there. If he wants to get in shape, a ClassPass or a month-long gym membership would make him grateful you're his friend.

Virgo Woman: A personal training session in her home would both make her life easier and help her reach her constant goal of staying healthy.

You could also go for any book that assists her in developing a new skill. Virgo is a sign that's always investing in learning more and taking in new information.

Libra: Artsy AF

Libra Man: Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, arts and money, the Libra guy would appreciate anything that adds beauty to his world.

Tickets to a concert, a framed photograph by one of his favorite photographers or a leather-bound journal for expressing his thoughts would all be perfect gifts for this art-loving guy.

Libra woman: Libras have active social lives, so a gift certificate for free Uber rides would be a practical gift, as long as you supplement it with something that caters to her love of luxury.

A beautiful opal necklace or a well-crafted and trendy purse should do the trick.

Scorpio: Consider craftsmanship

Scorpio Man: These guys don't care so much about trendy new things so much as something that can be appreciated for its craftsmanship and can be used for a long time.

They are concerned about security always, so some kind of home security gadget for his home or his car might be a nice gift as well.

Scorpio Woman: Again, craftsmanship is key for Scorpio.

If you choose to get her clothing, make sure it's tailor-made, or if she goes out at night often, make sure to get her something to keep her safe.

I'm not suggesting mace, but something like a beautiful and expensive light for her keychain or a special alarm should do the trick.

She's also sexy AF, so if she's your lover, get her some Italian silk lingerie.

Sagittarius: Travel

Sagittarius Man: This sign loves, loves, LOVES to travel, and even if they don't have the dough to leave their own city, they're almost always on the move.

So, get him something to help him on his way, like a nice watch to keep him on schedule or brand new luggage tags. Maybe even splurge on a trip away for a weekend if he's really special to you.

Sagittarius Woman: Sagittarius women and men are both aspiring or experienced world travelers, so anything you buy overseas will be appreciated.

An ornamental statue or a religious text from India will feed her constant curiosity and philosophical mind.

Capricorn: Status symbols

Capricorn Man: Buy this guy some stocks and bonds or some other fancy, money-organizing tool.

A book on how to invest or rise to the top in his field will serve his purpose, which is, of course, to take over the world.

Capricorn Woman: Capricorns do have a great sense of humor, which is a quality that is consistently underrepresented in all the literature on this sign.

You can buy her tickets to a comedy show, but just make sure it's the best one in your state. And get her some primo seats.

Capricorns love to laugh, but if you skimp on quality, she's going to laugh at you.

Aquarius: Plug it in

Aquarius Man: Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of electricity.

So, anything that plugs into — wait for it — the wall will thrill them. They are natural inventors and are always ahead of the world intellectually, so feel free to get him something he can experiment with.

Look through a SkyMall magazine, and it will have something fun and unusual that's right up your Aqaurian's alley.

Aquarius Woman: Like the Aquarius man, she's very modern.

Regardless of her age, she can learn how to use new technology as if she's worked with it her entire life. So you can rest assured that if you get her a new phone, tablet or even VR goggles, she'll love it.

Her sign also rules astrology, so you could get her a free reading. Or if you're super cheap and want a gift that says you don't care at all, print out this article!

Pisces: Sensitive and spiritual

Pisces Man: Pisces are extremely sensitive and very spiritual, even if they don't admit it.

Get him something that will calm the stormy waters of his raging emotions like a meditation class or a little pet fish he can watch while he gets lost in thought.

Most Pisces are creative, so if he has a hobby, get him something to cater to that, like a sketchbook, headphones or a classic movie collection.

Pisces Woman: She's deep, she's creative and she loves to drink. Get her a bottle of champagne and some beautiful glasses, a coloring book to get lost in or some tickets to the theater.

Most Pisces women avoid drama in their daily lives, but they love losing themselves in some imaginary theatrics!