8 Dreamy Ways To Decorate With String Lights To Ensure Your Holiday Is Merry & Lit

Most people wait until after Thanksgiving to break out their holiday decor, but with each passing year, I feel myself getting way too antsy. Let's be honest: your boxes upon boxes of string lights in the back of your closet are calling your name, and they're ready to deck the halls. If you love to get creative each year, you should definitely look up some fun ways to decorate with string lights to ensure your holiday is merry and oh-so-lit. You can turn your apartment or home into a winter wonderland in a matter of seconds with the right set of string lights and a creative DIY mindset.

You simply cannot have a merry and lit holiday without some lights, and you don't have to do just the traditional lights on a Christmas tree with these eight different ways to decorate with string lights. When your friends come over, they'll think they've stepped into the North Pole.

Most of these decorations can work year-round as well, so you can totally leave up your holiday decorations even after everyone takes theirs down. Needless to say, you can really take advantage of those post-Christmas string lights on sale. Now I know my need for twinkly lights doesn't have to be contained for most of the year. Come on out string lights, it's time for you to spread some holiday cheer.

A Mini Bonfire To Keep You Warm
Cynthia Lomeli on YouTube

There are a few fun ideas for your string lights in this video, but the mini bonfire is so unique that you seriously have to try it. It's an especially great DIY project for those of us who live in warmer climates and don't need an actual bonfire to keep us toasty.

This gem is simply to set the decorative backdrop in your home. You can pretend to roast chestnuts over an open fire with a twinkly, string light bonfire throughout the season.

Spell Out Your Favorite Holiday Words
HGTV Handmade on YouTube

This video has 10 amazing ways to use your string lights. You can try them all, but for the holidays, the idea of spelling out a seasonal phrase with your lights to get the festive message across is the way to go. You can spell out words like "Christmas," "Jolly," or "Merry" to remind you and all of your guests that it's the most wonderful time of the year.

A Light-Up Headboard
Nastazsa on YouTube

If your bed doesn't have a headboard, this is a super creative way to make one for yourself. As you lay down, it'll be like you're sleeping outside among the stars when the lights serve as a twinkling backdrop. You can even find some really cheap curtain rods at Target.

Mason Jar Lanterns
Trish Davis on YouTube

This craft is really simple and so perfect to add to the festive decor throughout your home. If you ditch the candle stands, you can easily create some mood lighting in mason jars that will add instant dreaminess to your home sweet home. You can easily find a whole case of mason jars at Michaels. It's safe to say your apartment will be really lit throughout the season.

String Light Garland
Simply Preet on YouTube

If you're looking to drape your string lights out and about with little work putting them up, you can always make this string light garland. By adding in the tulle, your string lights will look so much more festive than a simple strand of lights. We're in love with this ivory and gold glitter tulle from Michaels for the holidays.

DIY String Light Paper Lanterns
diyncraftpriscilla on YouTube

I love lanterns, string lights, and origami, so you know I'll definitely be trying out this DIY this year. This is great craft, because you can leave up the string lights all year, but you can switch up the colors of the lanterns to fit the different holiday. You can find different colored origami paper on Etsy, so go ham.

Fairy Lights Wall
sophdoesnails on YouTube

This is an easy way to transform one wall in your house into a majestic fairy wall. In this video, the DIY-er used masking tape to keep up her lights. However, if you want to make sure it really sticks for when you keep them up all year, use these mini clear hooks that you can find at your local Target.

DIY Holiday Wreath
Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube

Every door needs a welcoming holiday wreath, right? We especially love this DIY tutorial that using string lights and doilies. It looks super simple to make, and comes out looking professional, pretty, and impressive AF. You can purchase different colored doilies on Etsy to incorporate festive tones in your masterpiece.