8 Sweet Traditions To Have With "Your Person" That'll Bring You Even Closer Than Before

Even though you may not be related by blood, you consider your best friend family. You naturally feel so comfortable around her, and she holds such a special place in your heart. You may be blessed with a whole tribe of BFFs, but only "your person" connects with you on a whole other level. You feel complete having "your person" around, and she pretty much hangs out with your family just as much as you do. And just like any family, there are traditions to have with "your person," because you know she's going to be in your life forever.

The two besties who coined the term "your person," Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy, had their fair share of best friend traditions. The best one of all was their tradition of dancing it out. They would turn on a song and dance out all of their worries. It defined their best friendship, and ensured they would remain in each other's lives forever.

You and "your person" can find similar traditions that you can always count on. Just like I know I can count on my best friend traditions to get me through the year, here are eight traditions you and "your person" can take on as your own. If there's anything that's a constant variable in your life, it's certainly having your BFF right there by your side.

An Annual BFF Vacation

Even if it's just a staycation, you and "your person" can plan one vacation a year that's exclusively designed for the two of you. Leading up to it, you'll really enjoy creating a rockin' playlist, coming up with a fun hashtag to share your pics with on the 'Gram, and planning out a perfect itinerary. Let the endless amount of fun and memories commence!

Make A Pact To Celebrate Your Birthdays Together

Of course, your bestie will be front and center for every birthday party plan with the squad, but you can also start a tradition of having a little celebration with "your person" that no one else is invited to. This could be a special birthday dinner, or giving each other a unique gift every year (like a homemade card that only means something between you two). It's the one present you know you can look forward to with each passing year.

Find A Signature Pose For All Of Your Bestie Pics
Guille Faingold/Stocksy

Whether it's throwing up some peace signs or jumping in the air, you and "your person" should find a signature pose you do for all of your BFF pics. You can even come up with a hashtag to tag all these special pics, so you can revisit them easily.

Over the years, you'll share many smiles and laughs going through your signature poses together in one album, and remember all of the places you've been together.

Establish A Pampering Girls' Day

I think we can all agree that having a pampering girls' day every once in awhile is quite necessary. This day could consist of hitting up a new dessert bar you've been wanting to try or getting manicures. This time is meant to chillax with your bestie, because you both deserve it.

Create An End Of The Year Playlist

You and "your person" have undoubtedly shared so much epic music over the year — from going to concerts to obnoxiously belting out the same songs on the radio while cruising around town.

Start a tradition of taking those specific songs that defined this year of your friendship, and make an end-of-the-year playlist. Then, dance it out.

Have An Old School Sleepover

Nothing beats an old school sleepover. You and your bestie will spend the whole night gossiping, eating your favorite snacks, watching your favorite movies, and building an epic blanket fort. This is a BFF tradition you never outgrow, no matter how old you get.

Turn Brunch Into A Mission

Every best friendship has its own brunch traditions, but if you want to take it up a notch, turn Sunday brunch into a mission. This could mean making a plan to visit all of the best brunch spots in your town, or deciding to tackle most of the menu at your favorite brunch hang in one sitting. You're spicing up the traditional BFF brunch outing with your very own twist.

An Annual All-Nighter Movie Marathon

Plan one night a year to pull an all-nighter watching your favorite movies together. Come up with a fun name for it. It'll be like your very own holiday that only you two share.

Of course, there's absolutely no shame in quoting all of the best lines — we all know you both know them. Order pizza from your fave place, complete with all of the essential toppings.