7 Telltale Signs You've Met "Your Person," And She's Here To Stay

by Tessa Harvey

Here's something no one really warns you about: The older you get, the more difficult it can be to make new friends. Sure, you bond with the occasional work wife and grab dinner with a group of coworkers, but it can be hard to make those relationships stick for the long haul. That's why it's so important once you meet "your person," that you hold onto her and make sure she's there to stay. There are some telltale signs you've found "your person," so take note.

Let me rewind a bit. We all know what I mean when I say "your person," right? "Your person" is a term lovingly coined by best friend duo Meredith Grey and Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy. Between their stress-relieving impromptu dance parties, snuggling in Meredith's bed (sorry, Derek), and calling each other out often and enthusiastically, the two of them have a friendship most of us hope for. And, lucky for some of us, we actually have that relationship, we just don't really know it. There are things every pair of the truest BFFs do, and that's how you really know she's stuck with you. These seven telltale signs are foolproof. This is how you know your bestie is there until the end.

1. She Routinely Checks Up On You

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You never have to worry about someone knowing where you are, because chances are she's already checked your location within the past hour. You kind of regret having her on Find Friends, but also, you really don't. It never gets old to get a random screenshot along with the text, "Where even are you?!"

2. Even When She's Annoying, You Still Love Her


Maybe she talks about her boo thing a little too much. Or maybe she's super stressed about a presentation she has to give. Maybe she even borrowed and totally ruined your favorite shirt. She might annoy you, but you could never cut her off. Or, if you do, you know you'll be texting her in just an hour to kiss and make up.

3. What's Hers Is Yours

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Her family? They're basically your second family. Her bed? It's way more comfortable, so you sleep over at her place on the regular. Her bottle of wine in the fridge? Oops, already drank it.

4. Your SOs Don't Even Begin To Compare


You may be head over heels in love with your SO, but the love you have for them is different than the kind of love you have for "your person." They're both incredibly special and unique. But, you know that if your main girl is having a breakdown on date night, you're there, no questions asked. Sorry, bae.

5. She Knows Your Quirks


She's never once complained that all of your socks have holes in them after one wear. She doesn't even think the really weird food combo you eat is completely bizarre. Sometimes, she eats it with you. She may make fun of you for your quirks, but you know it's out of the deepest love.

6. She Knows Just What You Need After A Horrible Day

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So, you had a really, really horrific day. She comes over, and instead of talking and asking questions, she knows just what you need -- a hug, some silence, and a Grey's Anatomy marathon. Sometimes the best things are left unsaid.

7. She's Always On Your Side, But She'll Also Tell You When You're Wrong

Guille Faingold

When it comes to your rants and frustrations, she's always down to listen, and you know that she's always on your side. But you also know that without fail, she'll be the one to calm you down, help you think more rationally, and get you to see the other person's side. She can't help it, because she'll always have your best interests at hand.