8 Times You Wish Your Mom Was With You, Even In Adulthood

Moms are pretty much like real-life superheroes. Even now that you've reached adulthood, there are still times you wish your mom was with you to help you out. That's just how wonderful she is. She's like the perfect combination of an emergency kit, advice column, and the comfiest blanket. Also, no judgement here. You're talking to the girl who still calls her mom almost every single day, just because. There's no denying that my mom is my best friend, and that's why she's so special.

Of course, I'm an independent woman who's navigating her 20s while trying to find that perfect work-life balance. I think I'm doing a pretty awesome job at it, but that doesn't mean I'm doing it alone. My mom may be thousands of miles away from me, but I still FaceTime her in emergencies (like when I spill red wine on the carpet or the laundry machine overflows). There are even these eight times when I wish teleportation was invented already, so that I could just have her show up whenever I needed her. Until that day comes, I guess you and I will just have to feel #blessed that our moms are just a phone call away.

When You Need Someone To Listen To You After A Hard Day

You know the kind of day I'm talking about: You had an exhausting day at work filled with meetings, projects, and unnecessary drama. Oh, and you spilled coffee on your new shirt.

All you really want to do is vent on your couch to someone who will listen, and provide the perfect amount of advice. That is exactly what your mom does, and you just wish she was there in person for the tougher days.

When You're Sick And Long For Some Homemade Chicken Soup
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When you were little and you got sick, your mom was likely there with chicken noodle soup, a box of tissues, tea, and a cozy blanket to help nurse you back together. Who the heck is supposed to help you out now that you're on your own? You wish your mom and her homemade soup were there, just like old times.

When You Need Someone To Walk You Through Adulting Problems

Whenever I encounter a brand new adulting struggle that I wasn't prepared for, I need my mom there to help walk me through the process. For instance, the first time I ever did my taxes, I had to put my mom on speaker phone as I figured it all out. If only she had been there in person, it would have been a whole lot easier.

When You're Sad And Need That Special Mom Hug
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A mom's hug is truly special. It's perfectly cozy and strong at the same time. It makes you feel a million times better when you're having a bad day. Sometimes, you just need that hug.

When You're Trying To Master Her Recipes, But Fail
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My mom has sent me a few of her recipes that I love and want to recreate. Unfortunately, they're just that — a recreation. Sometimes, I wish she was there just to make my favorite beef stew or chocolate chip pancakes for me, so I don't have to struggle through it on my own.

When You Need Useful Dating Advice
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Everyone can agree that dating is hard AF. I've almost given up completely on the dating scene, but there are times when I try to get back in the game. I'm always getting advice from friends and the Internet, but sometimes, I just wish I was able to hear that sage advice in person, along with a hug, that I could only get from my mom.

When You Want Company On A Lazy Sunday
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Some of my favorite memories from childhood are the lazy Sundays spent at home with my mom. When all I want to do is sit at home, eat, and watch Netflix, I wish my mom was there to keep me company. When it comes to your mom, you can be doing nothing at all, and still have the best days together.

When Something Big Happens And You Want To Celebrate
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Your mom is the best cheerleader ever. She's constantly cheering you on to get that promotion and channel your passions. When something exciting happens, you just wish your number one cheerleader was there to celebrate with you in person, with some rosé at your favorite wine bar.