Two roommates work out together in the living room.
8 TikTok Workout Challenges That'll Give You & Your Roomies Major #Fitspo

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Scrolling through your phone while chilling on the couch may be your happy place, but you know, eventually, it may be time to get up and embrace your daily workout. All it takes to get you going is the right kind of motivation. Luckily, there are fun TikTok workout challenges that can be all the inspo you need. You might even want to grab your roomie if they're into trying a challenge (or two) with you.

As entertaining as it is to watch TikToks, the real fun comes in trying out the challenges for yourself. That means, it's time to switch up your go-to treadmill run with any of these eight TikTok workout challenges. The best part of trying just a few of these challenges a day is that soon enough, you'll have a full #IndoorWorkout you love that you can do at home whenever your heart desires.

Try a pushup challenge if you're focusing on your arms, or a running challenge if you want to work in some cardio. Have bae join you for cute couples workout videos together, or gather up your roommates for apartment bonding time. Whatever you do, you know the fun is in tackling each challenge that comes your way. Of course, those likes you get from your TikTok posts are just a nice added bonus.

The #BoxChallenge

Grab a partner for this #BoxChallenge that works on your strength, and looks super cool at the same time. Start out in the plank position. Then, the person on the bottom sits up, creating a really epic box shape with your bodies during this workout.

The #Speed Run Challenge

Don't have a treadmill? No problem! You can try this #Speed run challenge, where you run in place to the beat as it picks up speed. By the end, you'll be doing your best superhero impression as you run as fast as you can to keep up.

The Pushup #ToosieSlideChallenge

You know the OG dance version of the #ToosieSlideChallenge, but the next level up is the pushup version. Using both your arms and legs in a plank position, you follow along with the lyrics as you lift your "right foot up" and then, "left foot slide."

The #PlankChallenge

The #PlankChallenge is a super cute workout to try with your partner or bestie. It might take you a few tries to get all the steps down pat and completely synchronized, but the end result is adorable.

The #OneHandTwoHandChallenge

The #OneHandTwoHandChallenge is another fun plank dance you can do with your friends. Follow along with the instructions in the "Hit The Rollie" song, so you move both your legs and arms. There's also a standing dance version you can check out.

The Pushup #LevelUp Challenge

Like the #ToosieSlide, you may have seen the original #LevelUp challenge you can do with your pets, but there's also a workout version you can try with your partner. To the beat of "Level Up" by Ciara, you do static pushups.

The #CupidShuffle Plank Challenge

The "Cupid Shuffle" is a go-to line dance for birthday parties and weddings alike, but now, it's also a great plank workout you can try at home. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the song, but this time, while you're holding a plank position.

The #DragonFlagChallenge

The #DragonFlagChallenge looks really cool when you nail it. If you're unfamiliar with the dragon flag, it is a core exercise where you lift up the bottom half of your body in the air. That means you'll also need to find some support for your arms if you're doing this at home.