8 Things You & Your Bestie Deal With In Your 20s That Bring You Even Closer

No one ever told me how my 20s would actually play out. I always imagined this decade to be a perfect balance of work, dating, and a few added responsibilities — basically, I was happily clueless until adulthood hit me real hard. You might be in the same boat as me, and wish someone properly prepared you for every little thing life would throw at you, but luckily, the things you and your best friend deal with in your 20s are what bring you closer than ever.

I can't stress how amazing it is having a partner in crime by your side through thick and thin. That's what your best friend is. She's there to help you when the struggle's all too real, and will say, "same" when you're completely confused about adulting things. You're both going through the same growing pains of adjusting to this new stage of life, and the outcome is a strong BFF bond. Pretty much every thing you encounter together is like adding a new charm to your most cherished friendship bracelet.

Looking back on the journey you've already gone on together, you're forever grateful for having a bestie by your side through these eight things. It also means you're totally ready to take on whatever else is up ahead.

Establishing That Work-Life Balance

In school, you couldn't wait to start your dream job. Now, you love it, but you never could've expected how exhausting it can be when you're also trying to maintain a social life.

When you've had a long work week, you may not feel like going out to a bar with your friends. All you really feel like doing is chilling on the couch with a glass of wine and a rom-com. Establishing that work-life balance is so important, and you and your bestie are working on it together.

Dealing With A Budget For Bestie Hangs
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Your 20s is a great time to start setting up a weekly budget. You want to be financially savvy, but that also means you have less cash to spend for your BFF adventures. That's when you need to start getting thrifty with more girls' nights in, which can be just as fun as going out.

Navigating The Dating Scene That Can Be A Real Struggle
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The dating game today can be difficult AF at times. (Let's be honest: People need to cool it with the ghosting, am I right?) Through any cringe-worthy dates, though, you have your main girl there to listen as you vent.

Having Never-Ending Wanderlust
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Your 20s may be the perfect time to travel, but it's also the time when you're trying to reach your career goals. As you try to find that balance, at least you have your best friend right by your side. She's your travel buddy, but also your career cheerleader.

Trying To Figure Out Adulting Responsibilities

Here are a few things I'm still confused about in my 20s: doing my taxes, creating a savings plan... and why the heck is doing laundry so dang hard?! You'll likely run into adulting responsibilities that no one prepared you for. That's when you can turn to your BFF and help each other figure it out.

Growing Apart From Some Friends, And Making New Ones
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Friends will come and go in your 20s. You may grow apart from some of them, but you'll learn how to make new ones, too. As some of your other friendships begin to change, your BFF stays consistent and shows you exactly why she's the forever type of friend.

Major Life Milestones

Your 20s is also a time when major milestones take place, like getting engaged, married, and maybe having children. Even though these seem like big events that could potentially change your entire relationship, true friends are forever, and you'll be feeling so blessed to be by her side for all of these big moments.

Living Away From Your Family
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Moving out and living on your own can be a difficult transition. If you're living in a different state and miles away from home sweet home, you'll likely miss your family a ton. Luckily, you have your best friend there to step in. For different holidays and traditions, she's your chosen family. Let's be honest: She's basically like a sister, anyway!