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8 Things You Shouldn't Forget To Pack For College That'll Remind You Of Home


With fall right around the corner, you're getting everything in order to head off to college. If this is your first time leaving the nest, you might wonder how you'll adjust to this new environment. Even though you're excited about having your own space, getting involved in extracurriculars, and making new friends, you still want to bring a little piece of home with you on this new adventure. While you're organizing your dorm room essentials, you'll want to remember the things you shouldn't forget to pack for college that'll remind you of home, sweet home.

Having that little piece of home with you will make you happy when you're missing your family, or even your local hangout spots. Whenever I came back to my dorm room and saw the pictures of my friends and family, it instantly put a smile on my face. Though, photographs aren't the only things you can bring with you. If you're jotting down a packing list, be sure to add these eight things. You might not find them on any college list or syllabus, but believe me, these are essential for getting through the school year. Plus, they'll help turn your space from just another dorm room into a cozy oasis that'll make this the best year ever.

A Stuffed Animal That's Been With You Since Day One

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You might have a stuffed animal that's stuck with you since day one. It's one of your most prized possessions, and you can't embark on a new adventure — aka, college — without it. Your stuffed animal will not only keep you company, but provide the best hugs when you need them.

Cute Polaroid Pics Of Your Hometown Besties

Photos are a great idea to decorate your new dorm room, and Polaroid pics add that extra trendy touch. I love my Fujifilm Instax mini camera, and honestly bring it everywhere with me. I've even assembled all the mini pics of my friends that I've taken over the years in a collage that's framed in my apartment. I can't recommend that more for quality hometown bestie decor you'll see every day.

Your Favorite Mug

If you love your coffee or tea, you know a warm cup or two will be necessary for early-morning classes. That's why you should bring your fave coffee mug with you. It's that sweet little piece of home that'll serve as the perfect start to your day.

Your Go-To Blanket For Naps And Lounging

In between classes, you just want to get cozy and relax in the dorm. A blanket from home can be used for daytime naps, and lounging around at your bestie's. Just think about how perfect it'll be reading books for class while wrapped in your favorite blanket from home.

Movies To Watch When The Nostalgia Hits Real Hard

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Whenever I was missing home in college, my go-to activity was streaming some of my favorite movies and TV shows. I can't tell you how much I loved watching Clueless, Spice World, and all the seasons of Gilmore Girls. You need a little dorm room movie night whenever the nostalgia hits hard.

Shirts And Sweaters That Showcase Your Hometown Pride

When you're in college, high school tees and cozy sweatshirts will showcase the love you have for your hometown. And hey, maybe your old swim team shirt will be convo starter when you're meeting new people.

Your Favorite Games To Play With Your Roomies

If you used to have game nights with your hometown besties on the regular, it's time to start that tradition with your new college buds. Bring some of your favorite board games from home to share with the crew. This can even be a fun way to get to know your new roomies better during welcome week.

Regional Snacks And Keepsakes

If you're going to school in a different state, it's always nice to bring something you might not be able to get anywhere else except your home. I'm talking about regional things like food or keepsakes.

I brought Kennedy Space Center posters to decorate my room with and remind me of Florida. I also packed some snacks from Publix, because I knew it would be a while until I would see one again.