All Of The Things You Need To Thank Your Guy Best Friend For On His Birthday

I consider myself a very lucky girl, because not only do I have a best friend, but my best friend is a guy. I love my girl BFFs so much, but there's something special about having a guy bestie that you can't get from your gal pals. Not only are all the basics there in your friendship, like him always being there for you and making you laugh, but a guy bestie comes with a few extra special qualities. That's why on his birthday, the greatest gift you can give is to show your gratitude. The words will start flowing once you remember all of the things to thank you guy best friend for on his birthday.

Sure, you could always do a dedicated Instagram post of you and your bestie with some BFF quotes, but this will be the icing on the birthday cake. Plus, it's a gift that's totally priceless, so you're winning all around. Either write it all down in a DIY birthday card, or treat your birthday bestie to a fun day while you give endless praise for these eight things. No matter what you do, your best friend will love the outpouring of love on his big day, and a bestie as special as him totally deserves it.

His Perspective On That Cryptic Text You Recieved

I know this is especially true for me, but I read way too into every text I receive. I analyze the intent of every "um" and exclamation point. It can be a huge stress, so it's so nice to hear some insight from your guy BFF who will bring you back down. He'll remind you that sometimes an "OK" text from your crush just means OK and nothing more, and he's the perfect person to draft any replies you need to send.

For Every Laugh You Share Together
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The best laughs come from nothing more than just hanging with your bestie. You've lost track of how many times you've laughed so hard you've cried over literally nothing. You could find the most mundane things hysterical, just as long as your best friend is there with you.

For Being Chill When You're Having Your Time Of The Month

I get it — I don't even want to deal with my own period, so I sympathize when I complain about mine with my guy best friend. You are eternally grateful for his understanding when you feel the need to vent about cramps, bloating, and craving weird foods when it's your time of the month.

For Being An Extra Helping Hand

You're an independent woman who does just fine on her own, but you have to admit, sometimes, the extra helping hand can be useful. I've asked my guy BFF to help me carry boxes when I moved to a new apartment, and to reach the top shelf for snacks. Sure, I could do it myself, but I'm also beyond #blessed to have him around.

For Taking Your Mind Off The Drama

As much as you may wish your life were an episode of a reality TV show, the drama can be a bit much to handle. It's pretty consuming when you have friends fighting, and breakups happen, so sometimes, it's nice to just have someone there to take your mind off of it all. When you need a break, your guy BFF swoops in to save the day with a fun night of movie-watching and eating your favorite snacks.

For Being The Perfect Wingman On Your Friday Night Hangs

There's no better wingman than your guy best friend. He knows exactly the right words to say to the hottie you've been eyeing at the bar, and he also has the best intel when someone isn't as awesome as they may seem. He's got your back, just like you have his.

For Being The Brother You Always Wished You Had
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Just like your girl BFF is your soul sister, your guy BFF is like the brother you never had. You may not be related by blood, but he's truly family to you. He may even be close with your actual family, and that's why you feel totally comfortable being your complete self around him.

Being Game To Try New Things With You

I've found that my guy best friend is always down to try new things with me more than anyone else I know. It could be a new ice cream shop with unique flavors, or even going to see a movie that got bad ratings, but you're dying to see it anyway. Your guy BFF is down to try it all, and you're forever grateful to have a partner in crime for all of those adventures.