8 Things Millennials Understand About Being Home For The Holidays & The Struggle's Real

There's nothing like going home for the holidays to spend quality time with the family. But as excited as you are to hang like the good old days, you've come to expect a few things the minute you walk in the door. For instance, you know you're going to be filled with instant nostalgia seeing your childhood bedroom, and you'll have to field a ton of questions from your parents. Actually, there are just some things millennials understand about being home for the holidays that no one else ever could.

Believe me, I love being home. Don't tell my mom, but I would move back home to Florida in a heartbeat if I could pack up Los Angeles and bring it with me in my suitcase, too. Unfortunately, that's just not the case, and instead, I only get to travel home for big holidays.

I can't wait to sleep in my childhood bed and look through photo albums for hilarious #TBT pics, but at the same time, I have to prepare myself for these eight inevitable things that will come from my relatives. So, even though the struggle can be all too real at times, it's just so wonderful to be home sweet home for the holidays.

Hearing Your Relatives Tell Stories About Their Dating Lives "Back In The Day"

Things change all the time, especially in the dating scene. So, the last thing you really want to hear over the holidays is your relatives comparing your dating life to theirs "back in the day." (Can I just chill in the corner with some pumpkin pie and wine for a bit, please?)

Explaining Why You Don't Have A Partner

I don't know why I don't have a significant other, either. Maybe it's because Ryan Gosling is already taken, and I'm way too busy with work. Either way, I definitely don't have the time (or energy) to try and explain to my relatives, yet again, why I don't have someone to take home for the holidays. Maybe Santa will help a girl out next year.

Getting Questions About Working Remotely (If That's What Your Job Entails)

Nowadays, a lot of jobs can be done from the comforts of home on your computer. It really is a blessing, but to some of your relatives, it's just confusing AF.

Explaining Why You're Texting At The Table

You know it's best to be present when you're with your family, but sometimes, you need to be on your phone to check your emails. And don't even get me started on the importance of snapping a foodie pic of Thanksgiving dinner to share on the 'Gram. *Cue the explanations.*

Fielding Those "Can't You Do That At Home?" Questions

I always thought my parents would be happy to have me leave the nest and make it out in the world on my own. However, with all the subtle hints, it seems like they'd rather me move back in with them.

Look, I'd love to live rent free in a place with a fully-stocked kitchen and cable, but my dreams are not at home. I love you, Mom and Dad, but you have to let me spread my wings.

Explaining Basic Pop Culture Knowledge

As far as your relatives are concerned, it may be best to keep things general. Hopefully they know a little bit of the latest scoop on the Kardashians, and they're vaguely aware of what Riverdale is. Then, you can go from there.

Explaining What Being A Vegan Means

If you're vegan, trying to explain what you can and can't eat over the holidays (yet again) will be filled with a bunch of questions from your relatives. You might end up offering to make a few vegan dishes of your own to share, and they'll be pleasantly surprised at how good they are.

Avoiding Politics Is Difficult AF

When it comes to your family reuniting for the holidays, all topics usually make an appearance at the dinner table. You thought long political rants were only on social media, but some of your relatives like to do them over turkey and mashed potatoes as well. Sometimes, you just have to tune it all out for a bit and prep the next course.