These 8 Super Bold Falsies Will Take Your Night-Out Glam To A New Level Of Luxe

Huda Beauty; Lilly Lashes; Ardell; House of Lashes

I won't come right out and admit to having a drawer in my vanity reserved solely for false lashes, but I will strongly imply it, not that anyone ever asked. That said, I feel like I've tried a pair or two from almost every brand, and friends and lash newbies are always coming to me for advice on which styles will suit them best. In case you happen to have a big night out coming soon, or just want an excuse to feel fab, I've taken the liberty of rounding up 8 super bold false lashes below. If you're looking to amp up your eye game and take your lashes to the next level, read on for falsies you'll want to buy in bulk. Seriously, I buy a lot of these in bulk.


KISS carry my favorite drugstore falsies (Nay, my favorite falsies, period!), and their Lash Couture Naked Drama Collection is what night-out dreams are made of. The style Tulle is one of the thickest of them all, with dense, fluffy lashes that are long all the way around, only slightly shorter and longer at the inner and outter corners, respectively. If you're looking to throw on liner and a lash and go eyeshadow-free, the KISS Lash Couture Naked Drama in Tulle ($5, will make it look like you spent ages on your glam.

Black Magic

If you're looking for a lash with some ~texture~, the Esquido Mink False Eyelashes in Black Magic ($32, will be your ride-or-die. A lot of the lashes on my list are faux mink, meaning they attempt to emulate the natural look of mink hair, but these babies are the real deal, and they're amazing on the eyes. The Black Magic style features overlapping clusters of lashes for a flared-out finish that offers tons of volume without looking too heavy.

By the way, it's worth noting that Esquido's Companion Eyelash Glue ($10, is the best lash glue on the planet, and you can quote me on that:

Faux Mink 811

Another drugstore go-to is Ardell, and when it comes to mastering faux mink, they really get it right. The Ardell Faux Mink 811 ($6, is a lash I always make sure I'm stocked up on, as I love this specific shape: The inner corner starts thinner and then the lashes gradually get more voluminous towards the outer edge. This gives a sort of cat-eye vibe that is still glam, but low-key enough for me to rock during daytime events that are a little more formal. Plus, the super thin band makes them blend like a dream.


If you are, have been, or ever want to be a beauty guru on YouTube, then you already know about the Lilly Lashes 3D Mink in Miami ($30, Seriously, open a new tab and watch any makeup tutorial, and I guarantee the influencer will finish off with a fresh pair of Miamis. They're an industry staple, and they make any glam look a thousand times more ex$pensive. Plus, the band is especially rounded, which really helps them adhere to the lashline.


Eyelure is a brand that's always teaming up with celebs and influencers to drop falsies collabs, and the Eyelure X Jasmine Brown Jaybee Lashes ($8, are some of my faves. Talk about making a statement! These lashes gather into spike-like points for full-on drama, and even though the look is heavy, they feel super lightweight on your lids. Be warned: This is the kind of lash that makes everyone at the bar bug you for details. Not the worst problem to have, IMHO.


Literally all of Tarte Cosmetics's lashes are extra AF, which I love, considering they're otherwise a super natural brand. When it comes to the eyes, they know it's all about impact, so obvi, their falsies are larger-than-life. The clear band on the Llama Lashes ($12, helps the lashes blend in at the base of your lashline, but the shape itself is designed to stand out. I say yasss to a little llama drama on the eyes!


If we're really here to talk about bold lashes, allow me to give you a pro tip: Throwing on a pair of lower lash falsies will really take things to the next level. The House of Lashes Precious Lower/Bottom Lashes ($7, might seem tiny and subtle, but throw them on after applying any of the above on your upper lashline, and boom! Your eyes are wider, your rent is paid, your glam is snatched, and your life is good. Seriously, the time to lean in to big bottom lashes is right now.


Let me round things out with one more from my faves at KISS! I have never, not once, packed for an overnight trip, a weeklong vacation, or a destination of any kind, without making sure I have at least one pair of the True Volume Lash in Ritzy ($4, in my makeup bag. They're an essential to my look! Like, if you ever meet me, chances are I have these on. They're the most perfect combination of subtlety and drama — like, great enough that strangers compliment your lashes all night, but natural enough that they can't quite figure out if you're wearing falsies or just #blessed.