4 Pairs Of Killer Fake Lashes That Actually Look Really Natural

by Ellie Nan Storck

The notion that fake lashes always look fake is actually fake news. I'm here to clear the air because investing in a pair of the best fake eyelashes that look natural can really elevate your lash game and completely transform your look.

Now don't get me wrong — I love mascara and think that the right formulas have the ability to increase length and volume. However, mascara can often clump, flake, irritate eyes, or rub off before the end of the day. And while people are often turned away from false lashes because they feel intimidated by the application process — I know I was! — there are many false lashes on the market these days that are long-lasting, super easy to apply, and miiiiight just give mascara a real run for its money in the volume department. There's nothing like walking into a room full of people and being asked over and over how your lashes are so naturally long, right?

From clever falsies that use magnets to stay attached to eyes to lightweight, comfortable fake lashes that are applied with glue, we've sorted through tons of options on Amazon to showcase the best false lashes that feel just as comfortable and natural as they look.

A Pair Of Best-Selling False Lashes That Are Just As Affordable As They Are Popular

What sets these false lashes apart isn't just their natural, comfortable feel or their 3-D lengthening abilities — it's their five-star rating and epic affordability. For just $4 (very budget-friendly compared to many false lash prices), you get one pair of the 100-percent safe and handmade lashes that can be reused as long as they're stored properly. Applied with glue, these lashes add definition and volume without looking or feeling fake — just check out all of those five-star reviews on their Amazon page.

A Pair Of Dramatic 3-D Falsies That Use Magnets To Stay On

For those who want to avoid the glue application process, these magnetic false lashes are the way to go. The set includes a top and bottom lash, which get placed over and under your natural lashes and connect with a magnet so that they stay in place all day. Easy to apply, easy to remove, irritation-free, and reusable, these clever lashes blend in seamlessly for a full but natural look.

A Pair Of High-Quality Lashes That Can Be Reused Up To 25 Times (And Have A Perfect Five-Star Rating)

These super-long falsies are a departure from the normal plastic-y lashes you may see on drugstore shelves. Made from extra-soft, touchable horse hair, these five-star lashes feature a dramatic curl and blend right in with your natural lashes. With a comfortable, flexible cotton band, they can be applied using glue (like Duo), and come in a protective metal case for storage. The best part? They can be used up to a whopping 25 times.

A Set That Comes With Lashes, Glue, And An Applicator, All For Under $10

For those who are new to the world of falsies or simply want to go the traditional route of applying them with glue, this set of two pairs of lashes, Duo adhesive (arguably the best glue brand on the market), and easy-to-use application tweezers is total a steal because you get all of it for under $10. Plus, you can easily trim them to tailor the length for a more natural look, depending on what you're going for.

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