The 6 Best Magnetic Eyelashes You Need To Try ASAP


There are thousands of mascara formulas on the market, but sometimes, there’s an occasion that calls for slapping on a pair of falsies. Of course, between the sticky glue and making sure you get the strips precisely next to your lash line, that task is easier said than done. That’s why it’s time to put away your tweezers and get yourself a pair of the best magnetic lashes.

This genius beauty invention has been getting a lot of buzz lately — and for good reason. Like the glue versions, magnetic eye lashes come in different styles for different occasions — but they're far easier to apply. And, unlike eyelash extensions that are applied by a pro and last a few weeks, quality magnetic eyelashes come at a variety of price points and can be worn over and over again — some manufacturers even claim they can be worn "indefinitely" with proper care. Remember, always apply lashes with clean, dry hands, and let your makeup dry first. Also, be sure to remove them before bathing or showering, and always store your pair in a proper case (many come with this) so they don’t get crushed.

So whether you want to look dramatically doe-eyed or subtly sexy, the perfect pair of magnetic lashes is just a click away.

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1. The Overall Best Magnetic Eyelash & Eyeliner Set

Made of FDA-approved ingredients and materials, these super strong magnetic eyelashes have a lot going for them — including over 1,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon. The set comes with five pairs of eyelashes in different styles (some look more natural, while others lean more dramatic) and a big tube of magnetic eyeliner, which contains about 2 milliliters more product than you'd get from competitors. In fact, Luxillia claims that their lashes are five times more reusable and durable than lashes from other brands — and hundreds of happy customers seem to agree.

"Hands down the best magnetic eyelashes I’ve ever used!" raved one reviewer. "They adhere easily and last all day (and/or night) without coming off. Look glamorous and not too long — very wispy and totally sexy."

2. Runner Up

Very similar to the Luxillia lash kit, but with a few minor differences. Arishine's best-selling lash kit contains five pairs of "3-D" lashes that are a bit more dramatic than Luxillia's; also, you get a smaller tube of eyeliner in this kit, and it's a couple of dollars more expensive. Like Luxillia's lashes, though, these are lightweight, long-lasting, and indefinitely reusable, as long as you take good care of them. They're another Amazon reviewer-favorite, with over 1,500 five-star reviews (and counting).

A lot of reviewers are fans of the magnetic eyeliner in particular, writing things like "The liner does not clump like I experienced with other brands and works just as described. Keeps my lashes on all day through windy weather [and] works with all magnetic lashes which is a huge plus!" and "Not only does [this eyeliner] work perfectly with magnetic eyelashes, but it looks wonderful all by itself. It lasts all day without smudging or flaking and it applies like a dream."

3. The Best All-In-One Magnetic Lash Kit

This cute little kit contains everything you'd ever need to take your falsies on the go, including three pairs of magnetic lashes, a tube of magnetic eyeliner, a lash applicator tool, and a pair of tiny scissors so you can trim your lashes to your liking. It also comes with a round lash-storage container outfitted with a mirror, which is perfect for throwing in your makeup bag. All of that, for less than $20.

"This package is amazing! It has everything you need to give yourself the fabulous lash look. The eyeliner is smooth and easily applied. The lashes are comfortable and adhere well. Easy no mess removal," summed up one reviewer.

4. The Best Liner-Free Magnetic Eyelashes

Most magnetic eyelashes need to be applied with a magnetic eyeliner, but this set of lashes by Arvesa is the exception. Simply apply them with the included applicator tool — no glue, liner, or other bells and whistles required. The set comes with eight half-strips of curved, natural-looking lashes, and they can be reused over and over again as long as they're cared for properly.

One fan commented, "I love these lashes. I’ve been wearing magnetic eyelashes for about two years now and I’m very picky about which ones I get. These half strips are perfect for almond/Asian eyes because they don’t overpower your eyelid. They have small magnets on them so they are easier to adjust and don’t make your natural eyelashes stick out in weird directions. Highly recommend!"

Another Amazon reviewer reported, "They're easier and less time consuming than glue on lashes or the magnetic lashes you have to use with liner."

5. The Best Colored Magnetic Eyelashes

Colored magnetic eyelashes are hard to find — in fact, these might be the only pairs on Amazon. Perfect for music festivals, parties, or anyone who loves a bold makeup look, these lashes are sold in sets of two in different colors — blue and dark red or brown and dark purple — or, you can choose a three-pack of all blue-and-black lashes. Also included in the set is a magnetic eyeliner, a lash applicator tool, and a small, round, mirrored carrying case.

"The colors of these lashes are beautiful," commented one reviewer, while another pointed out that they're "Easy and simple to use."

6. Another Fan-Favorite Set Of Magnetic Lashes To Consider

Boasting over 2,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon and an under-$20 price tag, this is another best-selling set of magnetic eyelashes to consider. In addition to two pairs of magnetic eyelashes, this kit comes with all the application essentials with which you're familiar by now — magnetic eyeliner and a lash applicator tool — plus the same kind of cute, compact, mirrored carrying case you've seen from other brands.

"With other lashes, I had issues with the corners attaching well. These do not have that issue. I don’t have to fight with them at all. I put both strips on in under 30 seconds. They stay all day and I haven’t experienced any movement," reported one reviewer.

"These lashes are my favorite, BY FAR!" wrote another. "They are super lightweight. What I like most about the lashes themselves is the tapered shape of the entire lash (shorter lashes for inner, longer on the outer side). Also, they don't look like some Halloween get-up — rather, these lashes are more natural-looking!"

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