The 6 Best Magnetic Eyelashes You Need To Try ASAP


There are thousands of mascara formulas on the market, but sometimes, there’s an occasion that calls for slapping on a pair of falsies. Of course, between the sticky glue and making sure you get the strips precisely next to your lash line, that task is easier said than done. That’s why it’s time to put away your tweezers and get yourself a pair of the best magnetic lashes.

This genius beauty invention has been getting a lot of buzz lately — and for good reason. Like the glue version, magnetic eye lashes come in different styles for different occasions. If you’re worried about the application process, it really couldn’t be easier. Simply line up the two strips (one on the top of your natural lashes, one on the bottom) and voilà! The magnets fuse together and you’ve got yourself a set of wink-worthy lashes.

Unlike eyelash extensions that are applied by a pro and last a few weeks, quality magnetic eyelashes come at a variety of price points and can be worn over and over again — some manufacturers even claim they can be worn "indefinitely" with proper care. For example, always apply lashes with clean, dry hands, let your makeup dry first, remember to remove them before bathing or showering, and always store your pair in a proper case (many come with this) so they don’t get crushed.

So whether you want to look dramatically doe-eyed or subtly sexy, the perfect pair of magnetic lashes is just a click away.

1. These Handmade Magnetic Lashes That Are Ultra-Lightweight

These handmade magnetic lashes are made with synthetic silk and super thin magnets, so they feel practically weightless when worn. The length — 30 millimeters — was designed to cover the entire eye. While this pair is more on the dramatic side, they still look pretty natural. One reviewer said she gets "about five to seven wears" per pair.

2. These Natural Lashes That Cover A Portion Of The Lid

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes about false lashes of any kind is whether or not they look natural. When you're looking to add just a touch of glamour, this set of magnetic lashes couldn’t be more perfect. The strips only cover one-third of the lash line so you’re able to achieve a subtle enhancement versus a dramatic makeover.

3. These 2/3 Length Lashes That Suit All Eye Shapes

While there's no right or wrong length when it comes to false lashes, this set takes out the guess work with its universally appealing style that only covers two-thirds of the lash line. This way, your outer corners are enhanced, but your real lashes are still visible, which keeps things looking natural.

4. These Brown Magnetic Lashes That Are Both Long And Thick

Part of making sure magnetic lashes look realistic is ensuring that they match your natural coloring — for some of us, that doesn’t mean super dark. These magnetic falsies are long and thick, but the drama is softened by a natural brown hue that compliments those with a lighter skin tone.

5. These Extra-Long Black Eyelashes That Add Serious Drama

Sometimes there’s an occasion that calls for dramatic lashes — and yes, that could even be Sunday brunch. While this magnetic set of falsies is longer than your average pair, they are ultra-light, so rest assured your lids won’t feel weighed down while wearing them.

6. These Super-Soft Magnetic Lashes That Seamlessly Blend Into The Lash Line

Oftentimes, texture is a dead giveaway when it comes to authenticity — but not in the case of these natural-looking magnetic lashes. Each pair is handmade with quality materials, to include fine, soft fibers that mimic the look of natural, delicate lashes. According to reviewers, this set is also great for those simply looking to fill in sparse hairs.

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