8 Ground Rules For A Summer Road Trip, So You Don't "Drive" Away From Your Friendship

Cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down, your sunnies on, a solid summer playlist streaming, and your besties singing along is the epitome of vacation goals. If you love a good road trip, you know this kind of getaway allows you to be spontaneous, explore new places on your own terms, and make everlasting memories. It's an adventure your friends can't wait to go on — but first, you need to set some summer road trip rules for friends.

Before you start packing up the car, you and your friends should agree on how to road trip will go. With a getaway so flexible like a road trip, it may seem weird to put any kind of restrictions on it, but you should consider discussing these eight things with your friends before you hit the road. It'll make for smooth cruising down the freeway, and prevent any bumps down the road.

You want that fun and excitement you get the minute you first merge onto the highway to stick around for the rest of the journey. Don't let anything get in the way. After all, road trips bond friends together for life, and when everyone's in agreement, it only makes that bonding happen faster.

Be Respectful Of The Car
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Whether it's a rental car or your bestie's Jeep Wrangler, you need to be respectful of the space. Whenever you stop at a gas station or diner for food, everyone should help take out any trash and be neat when they're eating. Treat the car like it's your own.

Take Turns Paying For Gas

Gas is something people might forget to factor in when planning a road trip, and the costs can add up really quickly. Everyone should pitch in — not just the driver. Either take turns paying for gas, or split the costs evenly at the end.

Switch Out Drivers If You Can

If you're hitting the road in your car or a friend's car, take turns driving throughout the trip. That way someone isn't stuck behind the wheel the entire time. It's fair to rotate so everyone gets a break.

The Passenger Seat Is Meant For The Co-Pilot

Whoever's in the front passenger seat officially takes on the responsibilities of being the co-pilot. Their duties may include looking things up along the way, helping with the GPS, and staying up and keeping the driver company.

Be A Cool DJ

Take turns letting everyone be the DJ in the car. This allows for everyone to be able to play their favorite songs. Just remember to play tunes you know everyone will love. It might even help to create a Spotify playlist before you hit the road that everyone can contribute to.

Everyone Should Agree On Windows Up Or Down, Or A Happy Medium

Some people need the windows down when they're driving, and other people hate it. Everyone should agree on what the window situation should be. It may be a debate at first, but everyone will likely be cool with it once it's been made a group decision, and you may decide on a happy medium.

Don't Ask, "Are We There Yet?"

Just don't be that person. I know someone in the friend group might be tempted to ask it, but stay strong. In my opinion, anyone who asks, "Are we there yet?" deserves all the stink eyes from the rest of the crew.

Be Flexible With The Schedule
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It's good to have a general plan of where you're going on the road trip, but you should also be super flexible to make the most of this getaway. Going with the flow is key. You can't always factor in traffic, and sometimes, there might even be cool roadside attractions that catch your eye. As long as your friends are down with being flexible with the game plan, you'll have the best time.